How can I get my cats to get along with my dog?

Samantha asked:

I have 8 cats (each about a year and a half to two years old), and a Puggle named Jake that turned 2 years old today. We let my cats run around the house, and we keep Jake in his own room and let him in the backyard for an hour or two every day. We want to let my Jake run around the house, so we’re having a trainer come in and train him to not destroy the furniture and such. The trainer says she can train him to ignore the cats, but what about the cats?
Earlier today when we were letting Jake run around free, he got too close to my cat, Trevor. Trevor hissed at Jake and lashed out with his claws, cutting Jake’s ear open. We had to bring him to the vet and for the next 24 hours his ear will be bandaged.
Is there a way to avoid another injury like this without having to separate the cats from the dog?

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Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats

cindyphantom asked:

Video Cast Admetus, Rumpus Cat – Frank Thompson Alonzo – Jason Gardiner Asparagus – Tony Timberlake Bombalurina – Rosemarie Ford Bustopher Jones – James Barron Cassandra – Rebecca Parker Coricopat – Tommi Shiden Demeter – Aeva May Electra – Leah Sue Morland Etcetera – Jo Bingham Exotica – Femi Taylor Gus The Theatre Cat – John Mills Grizabella – Elaine Paige Jellylorum – Susan Jane Tanner Jemima – Veerle Casteleyn Jennyanydots – Susie McKenna Mungojerrie – Drew Varley Munkustrap – Michael …

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How will my cats be if I leave for four months?

jimmy asked:

I have to leave for four months for work and I have two cats. My fiancee will be taking care of them at my house while I am gone, she does not live with me, just stopping by. My brother will not take care of the cats but he will be staying at my place most of the time, when he is not there a friend of mine who will not acknowledge the cats will be there as well. My brother will not go near the cats because they both hate him, hissing scratching, etc. My friend is allergic but is okay as long as he not too close to the cats.

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Are some cats never able to tolerate a second cat in the home?

olivia p asked:

I have tried twice to bring a second cat into the home. My 9 year old cat, Katy will become depressed and urinate on shoes and throw rugs every time. I end up finding a home for the second cat and after a week or so Katy returns to her old self, using litter box and wanting affection. My question is, are there some cats that will never tolerate another cat in the home?

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How can I transition my cats to eating from bowls?

Xer V asked:

I have two cats that are nearly a year old now. Since they were born I always let them eat whenever they wanted from an automatic refilling food bowl, and now that they’re nearly fully grown I am trying to switch my cats to food from a bowl. I have two bowls, but how can I get one cat to eat his portion and another to eat hers? Of course my male cat is much larger than the female cat and I’m curious to see if this is an issue for food.
Thanks for your answers!

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Persian Cat Breed Origin

alex says:

There’s a beautiful legend which tells that the Persian cat was created by a wizard from a sparkle, which jumped out of the fire, the shimmer of two far away stars and a curl of grey smoke. I’d say that this legend rather closely describes appearance and temperament of the Persian cat, but the real history of persian cat breed is not less interesting or less mysterious.

So how does such mutation as long hair appear in a domestic cat? None of its wild counterparts has long hair gene. Well, if only lynx and snow leopard have a slightly longer coat due to the environmental conditions of their habitat.

It’s rather difficult now to investigate the origins of the long-haired cats, but most probably they

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Cat Urinary Tract Blockage – A Survival Guide

Kate Rieger asked:

As a cat owner you must recognize the signs of a cat urinary tract blockage such as your cat straining to urinate, bloody urine or your cat not urinating. If your cat is a male, he is at risk for the very life-threatening complications of a cat urinary tract blockage. If he survives this painful disorder he needs extra attention for improved cat urinary health.

It is easy to forget the strategic role the urinary system plays in keeping your cat alive. This system consists of two kidneys, a bladder, sphincter muscles, two ureters and a urethra. These organs filter out waste products, toxins and excess fluids from the bloodstream, then remove it from his body as urine.

The urethra in your male cat is

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A stray cat comes to my screen door and my cats start fighting each other1?

shirae780 asked:

My 2 cats are about 8 years old, neutered, and are brothers. I don’t know if the stray is a boy or girl. The first time it came around the 3 of them fought thru the door. Now, even it it comes near the steps my cats will start fighting each other! Its really bad fighting. They rip hair out! They start hissing and staring each other down. It lasts for about 10 minutes. Why are they turning on each other?

Tom and Jerry

Finding The Perfect Cat Tree Furniture For Your Cat, Not As Easy As You Might Think

Terra S. wrote:

Many cats need a good amount of stimulation in order to keep them from becoming bored, and we all know what a bored cat is capable of! Cat trees provide that type of stimulation.

Most people wonder what to look for in a cat tree. As a cat tree manufacturer and a cat breeder, I would like to point out what is important to me.

Safety first:

All cat breeders know what mischief our cats are capable of. If there’s danger in your house, your cats are going to find it. Not only is the cat tree manufacturer responsible for making a well built, safe cat tree but the cat owner is responsible for using good judgement in the selection and use of it..

First, make sure the design of

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Feral Cats Can Make Good Pets

Angelo Ralano shares:

Many people feel that feral cats cannot be kept indoors as pets. This is not true. In fact, feral cats are happy being kept as indoor only pets if you don’t attempt to treat them exactly like tame cats.

What are Feral Cats?

Feral cats are cats that haven’t been properly socialized. What this means behaviorally is that feral cats are not tame toward humans. Very often, feral cats result from the offspring of cats that were once owned and then abandoned. As a result, the kittens are not properly socialized to humans and become feral.

There is a critical period during kitten development in which kittens must be exposed to

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Are cats noses supposed to be cold if they are healthy like a dogs nose?

Smart1 asked:

My cat has a warm nose and not herself. I know that a dog has a cold wet nose if it is healthy. Is it the same way for cats? One of my cats is acting herself and has a cold nose. The cat that has a warm nose is a little moody and I am wondering if she is sick. They are 7 months old.

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How do I get my cats to stop peeing everywhere?

Bachman-ette asked:

I have two cats, and I love them to death, but they pee everywhere.
They didn’t do it at our old apartment, and in our new apartment, the carpets have been steam cleaned twice and the previous owners did not have cats, nor did the people before them.
They have been fixed, and I clean their cat box regularly. I have no idea what is wrong!!
An ex-friend told me that they have these things that are like Glade plug-ins that spread pleasing pheromones (sp?) that keep the cats from peeing, but I don’t know what they’re called. Does anyone else?
We haven’t been able to set up a second litter box because there just isn’t enough room here. Rubbing their noses in it doesn’t help, and I am at my wits end!! I don’t want to get rid of my cats, but I don’t know what to do if they don’t stop!!
I called it “new”, but we have been in this apartment–with the cats–for over a year.

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How can I put one of my cats on a diet without affecting my other cats eating habits?

HL’s Mommy asked:

I have two adult male cats one of which weighs about 15lbs and the other weighs about 9lbs. I would like my “Fat Cat” to lose about 5lbs however both of my cats are fed from the same food dish at the same time of day. Does anyone know how I can put one cat on a diet without putting my other cat on a diet as well?

Bad Luck Blackie