How do I get stray cats off of my property?

Cindi W asked:

My one male cat has been acting out ever since a new male cat has been coming onto my property. The stray (actually he has a collar) has sprayed all over the outside of my house.

My cat, in turn has been spraying and urinating everywhere in the house. He attacks the other cat.

It is actually 2-3 cats. I’m at my wits end. Should I trap these cats? Or is there any type of spray to deter them. My yard is an acre!

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How can I transition my cats to eating from bowls?

Xer V asked:

I have two cats that are nearly a year old now. Since they were born I always let them eat whenever they wanted from an automatic refilling food bowl, and now that they’re nearly fully grown I am trying to switch my cats to food from a bowl. I have two bowls, but how can I get one cat to eat his portion and another to eat hers? Of course my male cat is much larger than the female cat and I’m curious to see if this is an issue for food.
Thanks for your answers!

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Cat Urinary Tract Blockage – A Survival Guide

Kate Rieger asked:

As a cat owner you must recognize the signs of a cat urinary tract blockage such as your cat straining to urinate, bloody urine or your cat not urinating. If your cat is a male, he is at risk for the very life-threatening complications of a cat urinary tract blockage. If he survives this painful disorder he needs extra attention for improved cat urinary health.

It is easy to forget the strategic role the urinary system plays in keeping your cat alive. This system consists of two kidneys, a bladder, sphincter muscles, two ureters and a urethra. These organs filter out waste products, toxins and excess fluids from the bloodstream, then remove it from his body as urine.

The urethra in your male cat is

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