Cute Cats Sing Christmas Song!

Video of Cute Cats Singing a Christmas Song

Watch this cute video of christmas cats singing a christmas song!
These cats are so cute and the christmas carol is adorable!

Watch it here:

Watch more cute Christmas cat videos here:

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Crazy Russian Woman Stuffs 130 Cats into One Tiny Apartment

130 Stray Cats in One Appartment!!!

This woman is keeping 130 Stray Cats in ONE LITTLE appartment! They are soooo crouded, they nearly sitt one ontop of the other! At first I couldn’t believe it, but really, this cat video is a MUST WATCH!!! No matter how much I explain, you still have to see it to understand me…

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What do you think about it? Is it OK to have SO MANY CATS  in one appartment? They are very crowded… Is it fair for the cats to live like that, all stuck one over the other? Where do they poop? Can she have 130 litter boxes? It (her house) must stink terribly!

I can’t imagine how any one could

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