How can I put one of my cats on a diet without affecting my other cats eating habits?

HL’s Mommy asked:

I have two adult male cats one of which weighs about 15lbs and the other weighs about 9lbs. I would like my “Fat Cat” to lose about 5lbs however both of my cats are fed from the same food dish at the same time of day. Does anyone know how I can put one cat on a diet without putting my other cat on a diet as well?

Bad Luck Blackie

What brand of cat food is best for overweight cats?

‘N Stuff asked:

I have 2 cats. They are both overweight. We feed them Purina Naturals or something like that. We want the best, dry cat food designed specifically for overweight cats. They are adults, 5 and 9 years old. We feed them 1/3 of a cup twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night. We give them snacks throughout the day as well. I think we are feeding them too much. What do you think?

•How much food do they need each day?
•And how many times to they need to be fed that amount?

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