How come some cats are way more affectionate than others?

nickname asked:

I heard a funny story about cats on NPR today. It said reddish/orange cats are more affectionate than others. I have two cats and the orange one is WAY more affectionate and friendly than my gray girl one, (the orange one is a boy!)…. How come some cats are more affectionate than others? Are they just born like that? LIke how poeple are born w/ different personalities?

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Are some cats never able to tolerate a second cat in the home?

olivia p asked:

I have tried twice to bring a second cat into the home. My 9 year old cat, Katy will become depressed and urinate on shoes and throw rugs every time. I end up finding a home for the second cat and after a week or so Katy returns to her old self, using litter box and wanting affection. My question is, are there some cats that will never tolerate another cat in the home?

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