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Help Tori win the CoverCat Photography Competition

Vote for Tori - Help her win the CoverCat Photo Contest!
Tori is a beautiful 3 yr. old tortisshell cat with marbled gray and honey-colored coloring with an all white underneath and legs and paws.

We rescued her from a home where the older first cat was abusing her every day and she was 6 mos. old. The owner realized they could no longer keep her.

She loves it ouside in the summertime and is both an outdoor and indoor cat, luckily she stays nearby and never goes in the street.
She follows us around the yard, always curious to what is going on and also loves to play chase.

She doesn’t know how to hunt, but she does stalk and go through all the motions just like the larger ancestors. She is a fair-weather cat, so she is inside all winter.

Sometimes she shows her tortitude by squeaking when she wants something or doing something ornery while looking at you.

She shows affection by licking your face, especially to wake you up in the morning and pushing on your face with her paw.
Anytime a cupboard is opened she is inside.

One time she got locked in the outside shed for a couple of hours because I did not see her following me in. She is playful and lots of fun, tortitude and all.
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The VERY FUNNY Cats and Kittens Video

LOL Cat and Kittens Video

Hi all ya Catlovers!

Today is Cat Video day!
And today’s cat and kitten video is the funny cat and kittens video that got over 2 million hits on youtube.

What do you think? Wanna give it a go? It sure made me laugh!

So here it is anyway:

LOL Cats and kittens

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Cute Kittens Climbing a Tree Video

Cute Kittens Climbing up a Tree

These 10 adorable clumsy kittens are trying desperately to climb up a tree.  It is the funniest and cutest cat and kitten video that you will ever watch!

Watch it now:

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Cute Cats Sing Christmas Song!

Video of Cute Cats Singing a Christmas Song

Watch this cute video of christmas cats singing a christmas song!
These cats are so cute and the christmas carol is adorable!

Watch it here:

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How to Brake Up a Kitten Fight – Cute Cat Video

Here is my daily Cat Video recommendation.

This video is one of the cutest i have seen today! It is about how one kitten brakes up the other kittens fighting, but actually is just cute, cute, cute… and again cute!

Watch it here and tell us what you think after woulds… :-P :-)

Love, and Greetings, CatsCamille

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