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Taking your pet with you if you are going on holiday or moving abroad for a while can be a stressful time because there are a lot of things that you need to do. Getting them organised is a lot more complicated than most think. This is especially the case if you are moving to another country. Also, one thing to remember is that sometimes you may not be able to get the food and tastes that you are used to in your native country. This may mean that your pet is now subject to a change of diet and this may cause them to feel uncomfortable and displaced.

Thus, after you have sorted out your move it is important to consider what type of food you are going to give them. One of the best places to ensure that your cat has the same quality of food that they are used to is to go onto the Internet. You find that a lot of companies are willing to ship worldwide and to most regions. This means that if you move to a new area and the local pet store does not supply your brand then you can still give your cat what he/she is used to.

Travelling with your cat - IAMS cat foodHowever, if you are looking to change your pet’s diet then here are some popular brands that can be found online that will give your cat the nutrition it needs.

Firstly, there is cat food by iams; they provide a variety of cat foods and are most popular for their dry range. You will also find that they use whole grain wheat in their products so it is high in fibre and good for you cat’s bowels.

is another high standard natural cat food that has a range that is suited for animals of different ages. It is very easy to use and it comes in a range of flavours that cats seem to enjoy.

The difference here is that the pouches are mostly wet and contain a variety of meats and fishes.

Travelling with your cat - Royal Canin cat foodIf you need to give your pet certain nutrients because they either have a long fur coat or are suffering from a deficiency of some sort, then cat food by Royal Canin is going to be the answer. They have one of the widest ranges of specialist foods available and they will make your pet feel at home wherever you travel to.


All of the above foods can be bought online so it is easy for you to find. They are also cheaper than in retail stores so you can make a good saving and also feed your cat the nutrients it craves.

Diet Tips For A Healthy Cat

Nick Bulka asked:

Most of us know that feeding our cat is not really a chore at all. Dump the food in a big bowl or dish, and the cat will eat when it’s ready. Unlike a dog, cats tend to not overeat and therefore are more easily manageable than most other house pets. However, we need to be careful when assuming that the food that we are feeding our cat, and the manner by which we feed our cat, are the best choices for our cat. Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy diet for your kitty.

Feed your cat based on their activity.

Is your cat an active cat or does it to lay around the house all day waiting for its next meal? If your cat is overweight and not very active at all, leaving a bowl full of food is probably not the best idea. It is at this point that you should begin to manage how much you feed your cat, what you feed your cat, and how often. By taking charge of your cat’s feeding habits, you will be able to increase the life and longevity of your cat by making this simple and easy choice. A simple “Here kitty kitty kitty” will make your overweight and hungry feline run for the bowl to eat your rationed healthy amount of cat food.

Watch the weather!

Simply put, the environment in which your animal lives directly affects and influences their energy needs. Extreme hot or cold weather can increases a pet’s energy needs and drinking habits. Make sure that on hot days water is readily available and that you feed your cat more canned food then dry. The water content within the canned food will help the cat retain water if it is not able to get to the water dish on a regular basis. If the weather is cold, make sure that you are feeding your cat very nutritional cat food that is not full of filler so that your cat will have more of the necessary nutrients to digest to ensure that it stays healthy.

Cat feeding times

Although discussed previously, there is much more to say about having a specific feeding time for your cat. Not only does this allow you to feed your cat nutritional canned food, you will also know that it will not be left in the open. Preservatives are nice, but let’s not take any chances with the food left out.

Also, by having specific feeding times, this allows you to monitor your cat’s diet by providing the food at regular times. It is a kind of portion-control feeding, however, most cats will simply eat until they have what they need.

Bottom line: keep a bowl full of a regular dry cat food and monitor the intake of canned food to ensure that your cat does not get overweight and is as healthy as it can be.

Buy the best

Though this sounds economically wrong, the truth of the matter is this: cheap cat food usually is cheap because of the added fillers that are put into the food.

As a general rule, cats need a daily regimen of protein found in meat, fish, or poultry. They also need an essential amino acid called Taurine and various other vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

If you have looked at a label for cat food, you will notice that wheat, rice, and even corn is used as filler for both canned and dry cat foods. Make sure that the cat food that you choose has the proper amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals and not as much filler. The price of the cat food usually justifies its quality. And, as an added benefit, cats usually only eat as much as their bodies need. Therefore, your cat will probably eat less of the expensive of cat food because it contains more of the nutrients that it needs and not as much filler.

Avoid food addictions

Cats are said to be finicky animals. Whether this is true or not, cats have been known to develop a certain affinity toward particular brands and types of food. This could become a problem, especially if your cat develops a food allergy to certain ingredients and preservatives that may be contained within that cat food.

In order to avoid this, it is recommended that early in a cat’s life that it gets used to having different varieties of cat food and different flavors. This way, the cat is less likely to develop an affinity for a particular brand which may inevitably lead to the cat developing a food allergy because of the lack of variety in its daily diet.

Overall, by avoiding cat food products that have chemical preservatives like BHA, cornmeal, and other carbohydrate fillers, you should be able to maintain your cat’s health at an optimal level.

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Should Cats Eat Raw Chicken and Uncooked Meat?

Is a Raw Food Diet Healthy for Cats and Kittens?

Cats love eating chicken and chicken necks - click to see large image
Cats love eating chicken and chicken necks - click to see large image

Most cats love eating natural cat food such as raw chicken and other raw meats. Chicken, meat and fish is a Cats’  favorite and healthy food.

In nature, cats would hunt birds and eat them up – uncooked, naturally!

Some cat owners don’t like looking at raw food and feel disgusted by giving bloody meat to their cats.

Cats however love it. Eating raw meat such as [chicken cat food->], turkey, beef, rabbit etc and of course the all-addicting raw fish meat is the natural healthy diet cat food.

Cats love drinking fresh blood, so don’t feel horrified if your kitten or kitty cat wants to drink blood from meat or chicken.

Look, when cats run around outdoors they hunt small snakes in the garden, bugs, flying things… When cats climb trees they catch lizards, birds and eat up raw eggs. Cats love raw eggs and raw meat foods.

You might see your cat looking so ravenous with the raw chicken, turkey or other meat or fish you give it… Then you know they are happy and were starved for natural raw cat food.

We might not like them eating such stuff, but it is their natural healthy cat food diet.

Raw Chicken Cat Food Vs. Cooked Chicken for Cats

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How can I put one of my cats on a diet without affecting my other cats eating habits?

HL’s Mommy asked:

I have two adult male cats one of which weighs about 15lbs and the other weighs about 9lbs. I would like my “Fat Cat” to lose about 5lbs however both of my cats are fed from the same food dish at the same time of day. Does anyone know how I can put one cat on a diet without putting my other cat on a diet as well?

Bad Luck Blackie

What brand of cat food is best for overweight cats?

‘N Stuff asked:

I have 2 cats. They are both overweight. We feed them Purina Naturals or something like that. We want the best, dry cat food designed specifically for overweight cats. They are adults, 5 and 9 years old. We feed them 1/3 of a cup twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night. We give them snacks throughout the day as well. I think we are feeding them too much. What do you think?

•How much food do they need each day?
•And how many times to they need to be fed that amount?

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