How can I put one of my cats on a diet without affecting my other cats eating habits?

How can I put one of my cats on a diet without affecting my other cats eating habits?
HL’s Mommy asked:

I have two adult male cats one of which weighs about 15lbs and the other weighs about 9lbs. I would like my “Fat Cat” to lose about 5lbs however both of my cats are fed from the same food dish at the same time of day. Does anyone know how I can put one cat on a diet without putting my other cat on a diet as well?

Bad Luck Blackie

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6 thoughts on “How can I put one of my cats on a diet without affecting my other cats eating habits?

  1. bellagirlinchicago

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    I’ve wondered this myself because my one cat is 14lbs and the other is a measly 7lbs.
    I’ve thought of seperating the 2 during feeding times- put one cat in the bathroom, the other in the laundry room anc closing the doors and feed them their own food that way. I’m planning on doing this at least morning and night so they’re both getting enough nourishment to be healthy.
    Now if I can only get the one cat to eat the diet cat food!!
    Good luck!

  2. Katrina L

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    Get another food bowl? That would be a good starting point. Then you’ll need to monitor them while eating to make sure the one on the diet doesn’t eat the other cats’ food. You may want to feed them in separate rooms.

    Wanna know a good way to help a cat lose weight without using “diet” foods? Put them on a high-quality food. And no, Iams and Science Diet are not high-quality. Both are made with meat by-products and corn. You want something made with real meat and more nutritional fillers like peas. My cat loves Wellness brand, and he’s lost about 2lbs. since I switched him to it (I feed him half a can, twice a day). Some other good brands are Nature’s Variety, Natural Balance, Solid Gold, and Wysong’s.

  3. Nancy S

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    I have two cats one is 7 lbs and the other was 22lbs. I talked to the vet and she said that the diet food for adult cats will help one loose weight and while the other eats it she will stay at her weight and get the valuable vitamines and minerals she needs at her age. They both ate from the same dish and the fat cat lost the weight slowly which was good for her and the other got a healthier looking coat from the deal. They both are doing good and the fat cat is now 9 lbs and acting like a kitten with all her energy.

  4. Abner

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    Feeding a high quality food is a good idea, and feeding times too. That is what we are doing now, using feeding times. You can also try excersising your cat. I use a lazer pointer. My cat LOVES it, and she runs ALL around the house, and jumps up and down. New toys might inspire him to excersize too. Because without some kind of stimulation, my cat is LAZY, so i try to play with her more. I hope that helps.

  5. old cat lady

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    I agree with Abner and Katrina L. A quality food is the key to keeping a cat’s weight under control. You must learn to look at the ingredient label on the dry food you buy. The grocery store foods have by-product meat and some form of corn as their first three ingredients. That’s about 90% of the food. Corn is used to fatten animals for slaughter. Cats are obligate carnivores and need high quality protein meat in their diet.

    High quality protein foods include Eagle Pack, Blue, Natural Balance, Solid Gold, Felidae, Nature’s Logic, CA Natural. The last three are the most expensive and you should switch foods regularly so that your cats have protein sources other than only chicken. Nature’s Logic has duck and salmon meal, Natural Balance has a venison and pea. These foods use less fattening and more nutritious fillers such as brown rice, millet, oat, pea etc. So you can use a bag of the more expensive food for the duck and salmon and then use two bags of the NB and Solid Gold which is less expensive.

    So, by eliminating corn from your cats’ diet the fat cat will immediately stop GAINING weight and over time will get down to a healthier body size. Your slim jim will be better nourished from the better food and probably maintain his or her weight. And both of the cats can eat the same food so you don’t need to have the trouble of feeding them separately.

    Felines in zoos are fed a raw meat diet and they are always lean and well-muscled. They don’t get any more exercise for their size than do your two housecats. By all means play with your cats, get them to move around a bit more, and enjoy their “exercise”. It won’t take weight off the fat cat and should be fun for all of you. Exercise is not the key in fat cat management as it is in humans.

    To switch dry foods with cats click on my name at the icon for the “recipe” for success.


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