How can I help my cat adjust to the new cats?

ALMOSTBLIND2007 asked:

4 months ago I adopted 2 cats from the local animal rescue and the cat that has lived here for about 4 years has still not adjusted to these 2 new cats or the 2 addtional ones I adopted 2 months ago. The first cat took refuge downstairs in my rec-room on the coach and will only leave that spot to eat and use the litter box(usually) sometimes I find pee/poop on the coach. I have tried everything from keeping them separated to keeping them in the same room. When any of the 4 new cats(2 are still kittens) go near her she just screams bloody murder. Will she ever adjust or should I consider something else?

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Why are cats smarter than dogs when it comes to using a kitty litter?

mayerj72 asked:

I’ve had a cat in the past and it was the easiest thing ever to train it how to use a kitty litter. now that I have a dog it’s the hardest thing ever to teach him not to use the house as a toilet. I know that some learn faster than others, but my question is, why do dogs have such a hard time with that and cats don’t? It already seems to be preinstalled in cats.

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Are some cats never able to tolerate a second cat in the home?

olivia p asked:

I have tried twice to bring a second cat into the home. My 9 year old cat, Katy will become depressed and urinate on shoes and throw rugs every time. I end up finding a home for the second cat and after a week or so Katy returns to her old self, using litter box and wanting affection. My question is, are there some cats that will never tolerate another cat in the home?

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What is the best cat litter for multiple cats?

swordarkeereon asked:

I was using Tidy Cat multiple cats, but I noticed the last batch I bought (I go through about 80 pounds of litter a month) – they changed the formula. It’s more course and doesn’t control odor as well. Now (since the litter changed), one of my four cats is peeing outside the litter box. Any suggestions for a finer clumping litter that controls odor better?

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