How do I get my cats to stop peeing everywhere?

How do I get my cats to stop peeing everywhere?
Bachman-ette asked:

I have two cats, and I love them to death, but they pee everywhere.
They didn’t do it at our old apartment, and in our new apartment, the carpets have been steam cleaned twice and the previous owners did not have cats, nor did the people before them.
They have been fixed, and I clean their cat box regularly. I have no idea what is wrong!!
An ex-friend told me that they have these things that are like Glade plug-ins that spread pleasing pheromones (sp?) that keep the cats from peeing, but I don’t know what they’re called. Does anyone else?
We haven’t been able to set up a second litter box because there just isn’t enough room here. Rubbing their noses in it doesn’t help, and I am at my wits end!! I don’t want to get rid of my cats, but I don’t know what to do if they don’t stop!!
I called it “new”, but we have been in this apartment–with the cats–for over a year.

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9 thoughts on “How do I get my cats to stop peeing everywhere?

  1. alfawolfette10

    Cat Heat Problem

    You don’t ever rub a cat’s nose in it. They don’t understand punishment like that.

    Clean the areas with Nature’s Miracle (get from a pet store-it’s an enzyme odor eliminator). You can spray it on carpet & furniture to help rid the odor. Maybe there was a cat in there previously or another animal visitor and tney are picking up on the scent.

    Glade stuff like that will only mask the odor and not eliminate it.

    There is a product out called Feliway and some say it works and it calms the cat and supposedly has a high success rate. I think it just plugs in.

    Some cats also mark their place when they’re in a new environment. They are probably stressed. Hopefully as they adjust they will stop that habit.

    You rubbing their noses in it will stress them further – thus increasing their stress and your problem. It will also do nothing to help them adjust happily to their new home.

    This article has some basic info, and note that peeing is not the same as marking. One person suggested confining the cats and that might be a good idea til you get the odors removed.

    Note the remarks about using a clean litterbox with UN-scented litter. If yours are marking that means they like the scent of their urine and don’t especially like other scents. Some cats like their own litterboxes.

    Some cats will not eat near where the litterbox is, so make sure the food area is not near the potty area.

    You could put down some plastic sheeting on the furniture for a while and also throw some orange or lemon peels on it since cats don’t like that. Just don’t use citrus products around the litterbox!

    Think about this, say you moved in with a roommate and you had to put up with some of their decorations & furniture. You would try to make the place “yours” by adding your own decorations and furniture – see? lol Kind of similar.

    Of course, consult your Vet for additional ideas and to be sure the cats aren’t ill in any way.

  2. Wandering Farmer

    Flea Control

    You could try confining them to the bathroom with all the essentials for a few days. Maybe they’d get the right habits again.

    Other than that I don’t have an answer. I had two male cats that I loved but they caused me endless trouble with everybody all the years of their lives because they **REFUSED** to use a litter box, no matter what I tried. And despite being fixed, they sprayed.

    Eventually, in their mid-teens, they died. And when I got my next cat, I was extremely careful to get a fastidious one. Even now if he gets berserk habits, he will have to go.

  3. dvm2b

    Cat and Catnip Mouse

    The “glade things” are appeasing pheromones…D.A.P. makes them for cats too (my vet clinic used to sell it) so you should check with your local vet…a local humane society may also be familiar – helps to reduce stress, but isn’t the magic answer.

    Do not rub their noses in it!!!! Isolate them in a single room with litter boxes, food and water – they are probably doing this because they are stressed from the move. Cats don’t like change 0 isolating them in one room will reduce their anxiety, and let them get used to the new smalls and surroundings gradually. After a few weeks – or when they seem ready – then prop the door open and let them explore on their own if they want – never drag them out…It is best to make sure nothing medically is going on first – so have their urine checked to make sure it is not a UTI/crystals.

    They absolutely need another litter box – just make room for one somewhere…it may not be where you want it 0 but really the rule of thumb is one more litter box than the number of cats in your home.

    The boxes should be spread out (i.e. not right next to one another – one cat can guard and not let the other use it!!!)

    You also need to use ENZYME cleaner ONLY- like Nature’s Miricle to clean up the messes. Steam cleaning will take the smell out for you – but they can still smell it. Use a black light to find all the urine spots.

    In general, cats prefer fine clumping litter that is UNSCENTED – in a uncovered litter box – no liners – and once you pick a brand of litter – stick with it!!!! Scoop religiously – this may mean more than once per day. You can make great litter boxes out of tall plastic sweater strorage bins – and can even cut a little opening to make it easier to get in. The tall sides keep the litter in without needing a covered box (which some cats hate).

    Please take a look at the articles…good luck – I would isolate them ASAP. E-mail me if you have any specific questions.

  4. Meredia

    Frontline Plus Cat Flea

    Several things can cause a cat to urinate outside of their litterbox:

    1. If the litterbox is dirty, they’ll avoid it and urinate in other places.
    2. Changes in the household, such as someone gone, moving, anxiety in the people, moved items, a new pet, new baby, ect., anything that might be stressful to your cat
    3. Territory battles between it and other cats or even other pets in the household
    4. Changing the type of litterbox or litter you cat used

    I don’t think it’s the Glade Plugins… I would reccomend getting a blacklight and an enzyme-based urine cleaner. Find where the cat urine stains are with the blacklight and eliminate them down to the enzymatic level with the cleaner. It’s a self-reinforcing behavior, as the territorial smell of their own urine will cause them to repeat this action over and over again. Try not to scare the cats around the litterbox or scold them, as this can cause them to think negatively of the litterbox itself. If your cats are using the same litterbox, try getting each of them their own. Finer, softer litter cleaned more often can also provide a better urination environment for the cat. If this doesn’t work, switch back to their old litter. Make sure the litterbox(es) are in a low-traffic, quiet area of the house, preferably a corner of somekind where they can do their business in quiet. Also, take them to the vet regularly and make sure this isn’t a health problem. Talk to your veterinarian about their behavior, and ask for some advice and suggestions.

    That’s pretty much all I know about this. Good luck with your kitties.

  5. Frank R

    Cat Health Insurance Pet

    I feel your pain. I’m going through the same problem with my dog. I’ve heard that it’s usually an emotional issue with the cats. Something has upset them and this is their way of acting out on it. What I’m going to do is call my vet and see if he has any answers for me and if I can’t clear it up The dog is going to have to go. I won’t live in a home that smells like urine.


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