Pony Up, The Truth About Cats and Dogs

tobenseymour asked:

Band: Pony Up Label: Dim Mak Director: Toben Seymour Producer: Justin Benoliel Cinematographer: Ross Riege Art Design: Rob Hickey Post Effects: Brandon Parvini The truth about cats and dogs is that they both die. Shadow puppetry and animation by Moving Pictures

Mouse with Parasite

25 thoughts on “Pony Up, The Truth About Cats and Dogs

  1. jeemak

    PooPoo the Cat

    Really good clip. This is one of the tunes that got me back in to conventional music. Been listening to electronic for ages now, but this one is pretty special

  2. LauraSeabrook

    Funny Cat Bloopers

    Pegasus, my pet dog of over 10 years died last week, and I’ve been listening to this track and also Flaming Lips’ “Do you realise” ever since. I think this is a wonderful song because although it’s about something really sad (losing a pet) it’s bouncy and up, which was what (for me) was what sharing my life with Pegasus was all about.

    I’ll be mourning for him a while help, but this song helps.

  3. justusSUPERcats

    Cat and Rat

    dirtydiggerAUS, lol, well good luck with that, and speaking of remindings, this song reminds me of a girl that moved away, but she always needed motivation and gathered large crowds around her saying “Oh, poor tatiana”, and she cried whenever something didnt go her way.
    But unlike you, i dont wanna do anything evil to her, considering she is now on the other side of the globe.

  4. justusSUPERcats

    Funny Cat

    what was the reason for this crappy vid anyway? To make people with dead pets suffer more??? This be emo??? god.. you are so heart less


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