A stray cat comes to my screen door and my cats start fighting each other1?

shirae780 asked:

My 2 cats are about 8 years old, neutered, and are brothers. I don’t know if the stray is a boy or girl. The first time it came around the 3 of them fought thru the door. Now, even it it comes near the steps my cats will start fighting each other! Its really bad fighting. They rip hair out! They start hissing and staring each other down. It lasts for about 10 minutes. Why are they turning on each other?

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    Turf war. The stray wants you and your house as his property and your cat in in his way. And your cat is quite content to stay where it is and is saying ‘no thank you’ to the stray cat.

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    If something makes a cat angry, it will take that anger out on the closest thing. Your cats are probably reacting in a territorial manner at the stray cat and are attacking each other simply because they are the closest thing to attack. (If you tried to pull your cats apart, one of them might try to attack you, for example, just because you diverted their anger onto yourself).

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    Cats are highly territorial and as your two are unable to get at the stray cat outside, they are venting their frustration and anger on each other. This is known as re-directed aggression. You can read more about this behaviour and how to handle the situation in the articles below.

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    Probably because of the stray cat. The stray is on your property and your cats are defending you. That is why they are fighting. They want to help you as much as possible. Probably because you care for them very much and you love them. I know because this happened to me once and I have 3 cats. They are just protecting you, that is what causes the fighting. :)


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