Are cats noses supposed to be cold if they are healthy like a dogs nose?

Are cats noses supposed to be cold if they are healthy like a dogs nose?
Smart1 asked:

My cat has a warm nose and not herself. I know that a dog has a cold wet nose if it is healthy. Is it the same way for cats? One of my cats is acting herself and has a cold nose. The cat that has a warm nose is a little moody and I am wondering if she is sick. They are 7 months old.

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6 thoughts on “Are cats noses supposed to be cold if they are healthy like a dogs nose?

  1. MARIE S

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    Nose temp has nothing to do with illlness or wellness, neither does temperment. Maybe that is just her way. Just keep an eye on her for behavioral changes.

  2. Pink

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    well, if you think one is sick, get it to the vet.
    But, a cold nose, warm nose, dry nose or wet nose means nothing.
    Sure, a cool, moist nose is ideal, but the thing to watch for is lethargy, not eating, discharge from the eyes or nose, etc., that’s when you know there’s a problem and the pet should be brought to the vet.

  3. nuts4pets2

    Cat Behavior

    The whole “nose” thing is an old wives tale. If you don’t think your cats are acting right or they seem sick then you should take them to the vet. It is hard to tell if a cat has a fever or not (unless you physically take thier temp) because their normal temp runs 101.5-102.5. Look for runny eyes, drainage from the nose, Lethargy, dehydration (skin pinch test: pinch the skin between the shoulder blades and lift up, if the skin does not drop back down quickly they may be dehydrated), sneezing, not wanting to eat/drink, or diarrhea or excessive/bloody urine or trouble urinating.


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