Things You Should Know About Cat Food

Jadon Sluck asked:

Cat Food Info #1 Cats Need Protein in their Cat Food

The cat food you feed to your cat should always be rich in protein. This generally should come from meat, poultry or fish. Many cat food brands advertise chicken, beef, and tuna flavored cat food because they know that cats need protein and cat owners are looking for quality cat food. However, you need to make sure the cat food you buy has a sufficient amount of cat food regardless of what flavor it is.

Cat Food Info #2 Cat Food with Taurine

Also check the cat food you typically buy for an amino acid called taurine. This particular amino acid is very important in the overall health of your cat, and your cat will eat as much food as it has to in order to supplement this particular amino acid. So, if you are buying cheap cat food that does not have the proper nutrients your cat will eat a lot. If you buy a nutrient rich cat food then your cat will eat little and save you more money while still getting proper nutrition.

Cat Food Info #3 Canned Cat Food or Dry Cat Food?

Many people do not know whether they should buy canned or dry cat food, or whether it even matters. Because of this, many people simply buy the cat food that is most affordable or convenient for them. This is actually a mistake. Cats should be fed a mixture of cat food. The dry cat food should be given for free feeding, especially if you are away on vacation or out for the day. Canned cat food should be supplemented at other times as well because it has water in the food and significantly more protein than the carbohydrate rich dry cat food. Not to mention the same food over and over might bore your cat and cause him to stop eating that cat food altogether.

Cat Food Info #4 Avoid Cat Food Fillers

Cats need to eat a cat food that is rich in protein, so make sure the amount of fillers is kept to a minimum. Carbohydrates are not essential for a cat’s existence, so don’t buy cat food that is full of them. Instead, read labels and buy cat food that is not filled with fillers and other byproducts.

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Learn How To Feed Your Cat

Joshua Simms asked:

You need to make sure that you read the label on the food that you are getting for your cat. Although it may seem strange because you can is a pet, their nutrition is still just as important as yours is which is why you should read the ingredients so that you are aware of what is in the food you are giving your cat. You also need to pay attention to what formula of cat food that you are purchasing. They have food for adult cats, kittens, aging cats, cats on diets, and everything in between. You don’t want to be feeding your kitten adult food and vice versa.

After picking up the right food for your cat, there is matter of where to feed your cat, when to feed your cat, and how much to feed them. If you have never owned a cat before this can be quite a tricky process to figure out all on your own. First and foremost, you need to find a place that is ideal for your cat to eat at.

Think about it from your cat’s perspective, you really wouldn’t want to eat while adults and kids are running all around you and being loud. This is why you need to find a place that is quiet and accessible for your cat to have their food and water bowl. Once you decide on a particular place, don’t keep changing it around because cats don’t always deal well with that type of change.

Keep in mind that your cat might make a bit of a mess when they are drinking and eating so it may not be wise to put the food and water in an area that is going to be ruined by the mess. You also need to make sure that you are keeping the bowls clean and changing the water out on a regular basis in order to avoid your cat getting sick.

As far as when you should feed your cat, it is good to get your cat into the habit of eating at a particular time each day. Just as humans eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at certain times, so should your cat. Of course this might not be quite so easy if you are away from the hose during the day, but there is a solution. If the cat is eating dry cat food you can simply put the entire days ration into the food bowl and your cat can eat from it throughout the day.

If you aren’t sure you want to put it all in, you can choose to be half of it in the bowl. It’s really up to you and your schedule as to what a regular and convenient feeding schedule will be, but it is wise to get a regular pattern started. Listed below will give you some ideas as to how to coordinate your feeding schedule.

• At 4-6 weeks

o 1/2 to 1 oz

? 3 to 4 times per day

• 7 weeks to 6 months

o 1 to 3 oz

? 3 to 4 times per day

• 7 months to 1 year

o 3 oz

? 2 times per day or you can leave 6 oz in their bowl all day

You can also look on the package of cat food that you buy for what they suggest you feed your cat.

Just as there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when feeding your cat, there are also certain thing that you shouldn’t do when feeding your cat.

• You shouldn’t give your cat bones; this is a good rule for any pet whether they are a cat or a dog. Chicken bones, pork bones, and fish bones are a big no because they can cause quite a bit of damage to your cats tummy and throat that could lead to a trip to the veterinarian or worse.

• Again a good tip for any animal, don’t give your cat leftovers from the table. Although you think that you are doing them a favor by giving them a treat, you could be making a bigger problem when your cat begins to avoid their cat food.

• Cats can’t eat two foods in particular, the first being chocolate and the second being onions. Both of these foods are considered a toxic food to your cat.

• Despite what you may have seen on television or in the movies, cats do not need to drink milk. What more, if you give milk to your cat you might find yourself cleaning up after an icky mess since it can cause diarrhea.

• The last tip is not to feed your cat any other animal’s food. They need the nutrients that are in their cat food and dog food won’t quite give them what they need.

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Should Cats Eat Raw Chicken and Uncooked Meat?

Is a Raw Food Diet Healthy for Cats and Kittens?

Cats love eating chicken and chicken necks - click to see large image
Cats love eating chicken and chicken necks - click to see large image

Most cats love eating natural cat food such as raw chicken and other raw meats. Chicken, meat and fish is a Cats’  favorite and healthy food.

In nature, cats would hunt birds and eat them up – uncooked, naturally!

Some cat owners don’t like looking at raw food and feel disgusted by giving bloody meat to their cats.

Cats however love it. Eating raw meat such as [chicken cat food->], turkey, beef, rabbit etc and of course the all-addicting raw fish meat is the natural healthy diet cat food.

Cats love drinking fresh blood, so don’t feel horrified if your kitten or kitty cat wants to drink blood from meat or chicken.

Look, when cats run around outdoors they hunt small snakes in the garden, bugs, flying things… When cats climb trees they catch lizards, birds and eat up raw eggs. Cats love raw eggs and raw meat foods.

You might see your cat looking so ravenous with the raw chicken, turkey or other meat or fish you give it… Then you know they are happy and were starved for natural raw cat food.

We might not like them eating such stuff, but it is their natural healthy cat food diet.

Raw Chicken Cat Food Vs. Cooked Chicken for Cats

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Raw Food for Cats – Dangers of Commercial Cat Foods

Raw Food Diet for Indoor/ Outdoor House Cats

Why Give Your Kitten or Cat a Raw Diet Cat Food

Some folks swear by dry cat food for cats. They might have 19 YO cat living solely on dry cat food diet and their cat seem quite fine.

They say dry cat food is the most balanced, fiber and nutrition rich. And of course, it is easier and less hassles, especially when one travels a lot away from home or is gone for long hours every day.

The quality of commercial cat food, however, depends upon the brand of dry or even wet cat foods you buy for your cat.

As a rule, RAW cat food is VERY GOOD for cats. It is their natural food.
Do you suppose they have a kitchen and pots in nature?

The younger you start cats on raw food diet, the better…

Dangers of Commercial Pet Cat Foods

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How much canned cat food should I feed my cats?

Vanessa asked:

I have two cats. One is a year old, the other seems to be two.

I was wondering how much cat food they should get a day. (It is canned cat food)
I understand how the weight thing should work, but until I can find a accurate scale I’ve gotta go by holding-the-cat-and-guessing.
We had dry food, I don’t know if we’ll get it. Besides, I didn’t ask about what wet food causes, I asked about how much they should be getting.

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Wet Cat Food for Kittens and Cats or Dry Cat Food?

Which Cat Food is Healthier for My Kitten?

Feeding Cats Wet Cat Food Vs. Dry Cat Food

Wet cat food for cats or dry cat food?
Wet cat food for cats or dry cat food?

A few days ago, I got a question from one of my readers concerning if one should give a six month old kitten dry cat food or wet

cat food. She asked if she should feed her new six month old kitten  solely on a tin of  wet cat food or a tin of dry cat food?

This is my answer:
Feed your kitten a mixed diet of dry cat food and wet cat food. If a cat only eats

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