How do I improve my cats eating habits?

winky asked:

I have two cats, a male and female (both about 2 years old). The male cat eats very well and very active while the female cat eats less and her body weight lighter than him. Is this normal ie for a male cat to be much heavier than the female cat? If not then how do I make my female cat to improve her appettite and increase her body weight?

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How can I transition my cats to eating from bowls?

Xer V asked:

I have two cats that are nearly a year old now. Since they were born I always let them eat whenever they wanted from an automatic refilling food bowl, and now that they’re nearly fully grown I am trying to switch my cats to food from a bowl. I have two bowls, but how can I get one cat to eat his portion and another to eat hers? Of course my male cat is much larger than the female cat and I’m curious to see if this is an issue for food.
Thanks for your answers!

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