How can I transition my cats to eating from bowls?

How can I transition my cats to eating from bowls?
Xer V asked:

I have two cats that are nearly a year old now. Since they were born I always let them eat whenever they wanted from an automatic refilling food bowl, and now that they’re nearly fully grown I am trying to switch my cats to food from a bowl. I have two bowls, but how can I get one cat to eat his portion and another to eat hers? Of course my male cat is much larger than the female cat and I’m curious to see if this is an issue for food.
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  1. oxtad

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    There are a couple of ways – they may or may not work….one is to feed them in separate rooms (lock one cat in one room the other in another, and when they are done eating, take the food away) the other is feed them at separate times (again locking one cat away while the other eats). These may not work, as my parents tried it with their two cats and the Siamese just ate his fill and the other’s we eventually started to cut it down to a certain amount at a certain time and they learned (and when we knew the burmese wasn’t getting any food, which was evident by how quickly the bowls were empty) we used to give her her food separately.

    But best area suggestion, just give the vet a call and ask for a couple of ideas, they’d know a bit better :)

  2. skater4life

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