Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats

cindyphantom asked:

Video Cast Admetus, Rumpus Cat – Frank Thompson Alonzo – Jason Gardiner Asparagus – Tony Timberlake Bombalurina – Rosemarie Ford Bustopher Jones – James Barron Cassandra – Rebecca Parker Coricopat – Tommi Shiden Demeter – Aeva May Electra – Leah Sue Morland Etcetera – Jo Bingham Exotica – Femi Taylor Gus The Theatre Cat – John Mills Grizabella – Elaine Paige Jellylorum – Susan Jane Tanner Jemima – Veerle Casteleyn Jennyanydots – Susie McKenna Mungojerrie – Drew Varley Munkustrap – Michael …

Cat scratching trees

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  1. LitterKwitter

    1) whos the one who flies?
    2) the pose Cassandra hits in the beginning hurts like hell. Try doing that then holding it for 2 minutes. Owch. I tried.


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