Cat Flap to Stop Bullying

James Winsoar asked:

Are you a cat lover? If so how many cats do you have? Is your cat good at home? Well, Of course, it is really very easy answering such questions, when raised by someone or the other. And what would be the answer if the question falls the other way round, such as, is your cat really secure? Does your cat return home safely at nights, without any rashes or bruises that are indeed created by other cats? Are you sure, that your loveable cat alone eats the quality cat food that you have bought to her with at most care and affection?

Most of the cat lovers would be finding it difficult to

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How do you get house cats to stop fighting?

nhalleycat asked:

I have a 7 yr. old spaid female cat . About 6 months ago we got a 8 month old nutered male cat. Both cats are in and out side cats. At night they are both in. The male beats up the female all the time. He stauks her out side and jumps on her and hair goes flying. I seperate them in 2 different parts of the house when they are both home. Is there any way I can get the male cat to leave the female alone out side of getting rid of him? I really like him other wise. He is a bully ALL the time with the female. She can not walk, sit or stand with out him jumping on her and scratching and biting her. She runs from him and will not come home if he is waiting for her out side. He keeps her off our property. Any suggestions would be greatly appreacheated. Thanks in advance.
I bring the male in so the female will come home. I am always bringing in a cat in the front door and going to the other door to get the other one. LOL Thanks for all your answeres

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Are some cats never able to tolerate a second cat in the home?

olivia p asked:

I have tried twice to bring a second cat into the home. My 9 year old cat, Katy will become depressed and urinate on shoes and throw rugs every time. I end up finding a home for the second cat and after a week or so Katy returns to her old self, using litter box and wanting affection. My question is, are there some cats that will never tolerate another cat in the home?

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A stray cat comes to my screen door and my cats start fighting each other1?

shirae780 asked:

My 2 cats are about 8 years old, neutered, and are brothers. I don’t know if the stray is a boy or girl. The first time it came around the 3 of them fought thru the door. Now, even it it comes near the steps my cats will start fighting each other! Its really bad fighting. They rip hair out! They start hissing and staring each other down. It lasts for about 10 minutes. Why are they turning on each other?

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