How will my cats be if I leave for four months?

How will my cats be if I leave for four months?
jimmy asked:

I have to leave for four months for work and I have two cats. My fiancee will be taking care of them at my house while I am gone, she does not live with me, just stopping by. My brother will not take care of the cats but he will be staying at my place most of the time, when he is not there a friend of mine who will not acknowledge the cats will be there as well. My brother will not go near the cats because they both hate him, hissing scratching, etc. My friend is allergic but is okay as long as he not too close to the cats.

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  1. babygirl

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    i have a cat myself and if i left for that long and people came buy to check on my cat i think she should be find!! and i think yours will be fine to but to far worn u when u get home they will be up your but for weeks scared your going to leave them again!!!

  2. KK

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    I think as long as they are being cheaked up on they will be fine. Make sre you pay for litter and food so it doesn’t cost your fiance any money!

  3. creativity

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    They might get a little depressed at the worst, and maybe sulk at you for your first few days back (cats like to give the silent-treatment…) but if they are together and there is someone in the house most of the time, they should be fine. Get them some toys they could plat together with while they’re alone…

  4. pinkmallow

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    I think they will be all over you when you get back and they will be fine. I left our cat at a cattery and when we came to collect her she turned her back on us and wouldn’t come out the cage but when we left her at home with someone leaving food out for her she was absolutely normal, so don’t worry.


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