When cats do not get along with another inside cat, and they are threaten, they pee on my bed. What meds work?


What to do when I have a few cats (a multiple cat household) and one cat  is scared of another and then pees on my bed?
Both cats are healthy, no problems. Litter boxes, (3) are kept clean, and are in private places. This only happens when the inside/outside cat is inside . She is very dominate and bossy. Should I medicate the bossy cat or the scared cat?

MamaMia Says:
We don’t recommend medicating cats as a solution. Drugs should only

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How do I get my cats to stop peeing everywhere?

Bachman-ette asked:

I have two cats, and I love them to death, but they pee everywhere.
They didn’t do it at our old apartment, and in our new apartment, the carpets have been steam cleaned twice and the previous owners did not have cats, nor did the people before them.
They have been fixed, and I clean their cat box regularly. I have no idea what is wrong!!
An ex-friend told me that they have these things that are like Glade plug-ins that spread pleasing pheromones (sp?) that keep the cats from peeing, but I don’t know what they’re called. Does anyone else?
We haven’t been able to set up a second litter box because there just isn’t enough room here. Rubbing their noses in it doesn’t help, and I am at my wits end!! I don’t want to get rid of my cats, but I don’t know what to do if they don’t stop!!
I called it “new”, but we have been in this apartment–with the cats–for over a year.

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