17 thoughts on “How do cats react when you get a new cat?”

  1. Bengal Kittens

    The dominate cat will be the worst. They will most likely fight and may learn to tolerate eachother. Don’t expect them to cuddle. Cats tend to be spiteful

    We have two cats (males and brothers) when we got our dog two years ago they hated him now they can be in the same room together but that’s about it. The dog would love to be friends and play but the cats, mainly the domanite one will not have it. it is the same with other cats in my experience

  2. Cat Beahvior Problems

    We have 2 cats and the one we have had the longest, about 3 yrs now and the other 2 yrs, reacted really badly to a new kitten we tried to introduce, our 1st cat was very teritotial and did not like the new kitten the other cat seemed curious. It takes time for them to get used to the fact that the kitten is there to stay. They will get over it.

  3. Cat playing piano

    it depends what their personality is like-my angel (which is the third cat i got) bully’s the other 3 sometimes.
    she tries to dominate (and she’s not even the oldest) but i quickly put a stop to it, if it gets out of hand.


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