Should Bengal Cats Go Outside?

Is it Safe to let Your Bengal Cat Go Out?

Bengal Cat Photo
Bengal Cat Photo


Some people might ask themselves, should they let their bengal cats or bengal kittens go outside?
If you live in the middle of a busy city in a big condo building, then it is not necessarily recommended to let your cat out.

Your bengal cat might get lost or cat-snatched!

However, all cats LOVE the outdoor world and can get very moody just being inside all the time!

So what to do?
There are several options:
1. Keep your bengal cat indoors and get him many toys to play with to keep him happy and excersized
2. Take your bengal cat out in a

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My cat tends want to fight and attack my other cats! How do I stop this behavior?

Tania Y asked:

My cat was an outside cat! We had him for about 7 months! He is freindly with humans and loves to be petted/rubbed! However, he see my other cats and want to jump on them and bite! Then when we pick him up and take him to a seperate room he bites out hands! I am not sure if this aggressive behavior will change or if my cat will get along with my other cats!

Cat singing a Song

How do I keep neighborhood cats from pooping on my lawn?

gravylegmistake asked:

I live in a fairly typical suburban area with many cat owners. For some reason they crap on my front lawn (the cats not the cat owners!). I thought only dogs did this, as cats like to bury their turds in soft dirt or ground cover. And yeah, they are definitely cat turds. I have a dog and know the difference.

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How do I discourage cats from walking on my car?

RayRay1284 asked:

Every week someone’s cat walks all over the hood of my car which I just cleaned. The cat leaves their paw prints all over the hood of my expensive car. I have nothing against cats but I always have to clean my car a lot since of this. Is there some sort of scented car wash that will discourage the cat from walking on my car? I have a feeling that the cat likes to sit on my car because it’s warm on the hood.

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How do Cats and Dogs know which is cat food and which is dog food?

Aneleh asked:

I have 2 cats and three dogs. One night, I ran out of cat food (the dry type) and my cats were hungry. So since I had dog food only and the shops were closed, I gave them dog kibbles. They’re more or less of the same shape and size and are made of the same ingredients – chicken. My cats took a nibble and refused the rest of the bowl, preferring to go hungry than eat dog food. The next day, i got them a fresh pack of made-for-cats kibbles and they immediately dived in and ate up. How come my cats knew what I gave them wasn’t cat food?

I also know of dogs that won’t eat cat food for the long run (not mine though, cos they’re pigs and will eat anything).

It would be good if a pet food manufacturer can answer this question. Is there some special ingredient you put in cat and dog food that makes cats and dogs know which kibbles is who’s? Also, nowadays, dogs are eating fish too – like salmon. You can’t say it’s the ingredient. How come they know the difference?

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Why does my cat get so jealous of other cats?

Miranda asked:

I have two cats. My girl hates the boy and hisses at him constantly. And she is always fighting with the cat upstairs. I have heard of cats who are friendly and cuddle with each other but I have never had a cat like that. Is my cat just a b*tch? She is very friendly with me.

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Can female cats get in sync with each others going into heat?

B asked:

I have two cats. One seven month old, and one six month old.
Last month the older cat started going into heat. This month the younger one had her first heat.
Now the older one is going through heat again. Did the younger one’s heat trigger the older one into heat again?
I have never had unspayed female cats, so I have no idea how often they go into heat.
Is this normal? Is it like when two women get their periods in sync with each other??
Thanks for the help!

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How do i stop cats from ********** in my flowerbeds?

Stina Marie asked:

The neighborhood that i live in has several ferrel cats and a few outside cats that are pets. I don’t want to harm the animals i just don’t want to find cat fecies in my flowerbeds or walk into my back yard and smell cat urine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can tuxedo cats give birth to kittens of different colors?

Kait asked:

This question sounds pretty silly, I know. But I’m curious! My cat is pregnant and both she and the father are “tuxedo” cats (black and white). Have any of you had a tuxedo cat that gave birth to other colors? Do cats pass along genetic traits the way humans do?
In response to an answer I recieved- I had adopted both of these cats into my home as adults and upon taking the female to get spayed, I learned that she was pregnant. So your “lecture” was not needed. Thanks.

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How can I get my cat to like other cats?

WinkleDoodle asked:

My cat, Rocket, is the happiest and sweetest cat that I’ve ever met. She purrs all the time and loves being cuddled and held, but there’s one problem: while she’s so loving and happy with people, she hates other cats. She will turn nearly feral towards them. Is there any way to get her used to other cats, so she can at least be in the same room as them?

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When cats do not get along with another inside cat, and they are threaten, they pee on my bed. What meds work?


What to do when I have a few cats (a multiple cat household) and one cat  is scared of another and then pees on my bed?
Both cats are healthy, no problems. Litter boxes, (3) are kept clean, and are in private places. This only happens when the inside/outside cat is inside . She is very dominate and bossy. Should I medicate the bossy cat or the scared cat?

MamaMia Says:
We don’t recommend medicating cats as a solution. Drugs should only

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Why do some cats lay down and others fall over?

thlslsborlng asked:

I’ve been around cats all my life and have two of my own at the moment. I’ve noticed some cats when they go to lay down will just fall over sideways while others will lay down gently. In my findings most of the fall over cats are always the extremly friendly ones. Has anyone else ever noticed this and how does your cat lay down?

Cat flushing Toilet

How do i get my cats to get along?

Janelle D asked:

Okay, so I got a new cat about 1 year old like 4 weeks ago, and i already have 2 cats both about 2. And My cats hate the new one, if they see her they’ll hide and not come out. We’ve been keeping her in my room. My one cat Precious, if my new cat gets near her will grow and hiss like crazy. Nothing seems to be working.

Cat scratching trees