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Free 1 Hour Relaxing Birds Songs in Forest for Cats

Play this free 1 Hour Relaxing bird song recording for your indoor cats to listen to.  Relaxing bird songs are nice to hear while working, studying, meditating and relaxing at home or at work.

Stevie Wonder Blind Piano Cat

The Blind Piano Playing Cat

Stevie Wonder, is a six year old blind cat that was found in a garden flea-ridden, suffering from worms, with a hernia in his stomach and both of his eyes missing.

Vets are unsure whether his eyes were surgically removed or he was born without them.
Stevie was taken home by Beva Street; one of the staff of the Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire.
At first, Ms Street noticed that he appeared to like listening to the piano being played.
Then one day he astounded her by pressing the keys and playing the piano himself!

Beva Street, deputy manager of cat welfare at the shelter, believes the blind wonder cat feels comforted by being able to hear the sound made by its movements and that the sounds connect him to the outside world.
Now the piano playing kitty spends most of his time enchanted by the gentle piano sounds at his temporary owner’s home.

Ms Street said: ‘You wouldn’t think Stevie couldn’t see. He is so playful he is like a little kitten.
Stevie seems to enjoy the sound of the piano and often jumps up on my lap while I play.
He has ventured onto the seat and the piano himself a few times for a little nose and a rather noisy play.
Because he has no sight Stevie’s other senses are so heightened – his hearing is amazing.
He loves to jump, play with fishing rod toys and explore his foster home and garden. He really is a wonder.
Amazingly in terms of himself Stevie is well, which is why it is so surprising that he does not have eyes.’

She also said she hoped Stevie would find a stable home soon where the furniture remains in one place so he can create a mental map in his head of the space around him.

Wood Green, which was founded in 1924, rehomes thousands of dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, hens, ferrets and other small animals every year.




Cats and Kittens for Adoption

Want to Adopt a Cat?

Here’s a few recent cats and kittens for adoption that were submitted in our FREE cat adoptions classifieds directory.

4 Rescued Kittens Need Home

We are four little kittens that were born when our mom was rescued.
Two of us are black with a little white on us. The other two of us are orange tiger.
We are potty trained.
Can we come to your house and play with you and give you love?

Our adopted mom cannot Continue reading

Siamese Kitten for Adoption

Buy Siamese Kitten

Love Siamese Cats? Then you’ll love this siamese kitten.
3 Month Old Siamese Kitten for adoption.

Siamese colored kitten, roughly 3 mos old, born in the middle of June.
Female, not neutered, no shots, treated for fleas and worms, not declawed.

Very friendly, and curious, likes to be hand-held, a little shy with unknown people.
Healthy, no special food preferences, playful, could be indoor and outdoor – currently she is residing both (outdoor and indoor), active in the morning and evening, but sleeps at night.

Likes to sleep on the bed with people.
Pictures available upon request. There is a $ 25.00 adoption fee.

Contact Owner:
San Diego, USA


P.S.: Don’t find what you’re looking for? Check out our FREE cat classifieds for loving cats and kittens for adoption.

Six Month old Female Bengal Kitten for Sale

Adopt Cute Bengal Kitten

Want to adopt a loving Bengal Kitten? Learn all about Bengal Cats here>>>
Or look for more sweet loving kittens for adoption in our FREE classifieds>>>

Bengal Kitten for adoption

Bengal Kitten for adoption

Six Month old Bengal kitten for sale:

I have a beautiful four month old female Bengal Kitten. She is very playful and friendly, and lovable once she gets to know you. I am selling her for $175.00.
If interested please call me at   (323)798-6766 cell, or at (661)946-6837 home.
Also, I don’t ship to other states.
I am located by Los Angeles,Lancaster, CA.
Thank you, Dahlia.

What To Feed your Bengal Kittens?

What Food Makes Bengal Cats Happiest?

Beautiful Bengal Cat Photo

Beautiful Bengal Cat Photo

As you may be aware, most cats today come from wild background and wild cat heritage.
 In those days, the bengal cat ran wild, ate no tinned sardines, no pelet cat food and had no preservatives in its food.

The Bengal Cats were sporty, hunting smaller creatures to eat them, wild and happy!

Todays domesticated cat, (and especially the bengal cats) still have it in their blood to hunt and love raw foods.
Bengal cats, although domesticated are still wild in their hearts!
As much as it may disgust their owners, bengal cats just love eating that raw chicken or fish and tearing the skin and meat off it’s bones.

So to make your bengal cat happy, give him/her some Continue reading

Should Bengal Cats Go Outside?

Is it Safe to let Your Bengal Cat Go Out?

Bengal Cat Photo

Bengal Cat Photo


Some people might ask themselves, should they let their bengal cats or bengal kittens go outside?
If you live in the middle of a busy city in a big condo building, then it is not necessarily recommended to let your cat out.

Your bengal cat might get lost or cat-snatched!

However, all cats LOVE the outdoor world and can get very moody just being inside all the time!

So what to do?
There are several options:
1. Keep your bengal cat indoors and get him many toys to play with to keep him happy and excersized
2. Take your bengal cat out in a Continue reading

Ragdoll Cat Breed Information – Before you Adopt a Ragdoll Cat

All About Ragdoll Cats

Beautiful Ragdoll Cat

Beautiful Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is a semi-longhaired cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat.
Ragdoll cats are large and have a soft and silky fur coat.
They were developed by American breeder Ann Baker, and are best known for their docile and placid temperament and affectionate nature.

Why are they called Ragdolls?
The first ragdoll cats were named so after they would go limp whenever lifted up.

Ragdoll Cats Temperament and Characteristics

The Ragdoll Cat is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds with a sturdy body, large frame and proportionate legs.
A fully-grown female Continue reading

Bengal Cats Breed Information

Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens

Bengal Cat Photo

Bengal Cat Photo

Want to know all about Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens? Read this article to find out!

 History and Origin of Bengal Cats

The Bengal cat is a relatively new hybrid breed of cat, created by the cross of a domestic feline and an Asian Leopard Cat.

Bengal cats have wild leopard looking markings, such as large spots, rosettes, and a light/white belly, and a body structure reminiscent of the Asian Leopard Cat.

The bengal cat breed typically also has a Continue reading

About Abyssinian Cat Breed

All About Abyssinian Cats and Kittens

Abyssinian Cats are Kind and Loving!

Abyssinian Cats are Kind and Loving!

The Abyssinian cats are the most popular breeds of shorthair cats in the USA.
Read all about Abyssinian cats temperaments, abyssinian cat origins and all you need to know about abyssinian cats before buying an abyssinian kitten!

Abyssinians are medium sized cats, with a strong, lithe body, slender legs and a fine bone structure.
The Abyssinian cat has alert, relatively large pointed ears.
Abyssinians have  almond shaped eyes which vary between either gold, green, hazel or copper.
Their paws are small and oval shaped.
The Abyssinian cat’s tail is fairly long, being broad at the base and tapering to a point.

A m-shaped marking is often found in the fur on the forehead. The m-shaped marking, also called “frown lines”, appears above the Abyssinian’s eyes.
The abyssinian cat breed has a Continue reading

CatLovingCare Cat Book Publications and Cat Photo Contests!

Enter to Win Cat Photo Contests offers cat photo contests open exclusively to cats who enter into our cat book publications. We accept worldwide entries from cats of all ages, genders and sizes to our following book publications for the following themes:

  1. 500 Cutest Cats in The World
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Enter your cat!
Sign up for your cat’s place in the book and get free entry into the CoverCat cat photo contest!
After finalizing your book entry, we create for your cat a page on our site, so that people can vote on him or her to be the book’s CoverCat.
Tell all your friends and family to vote for your cat to WIN $500 (1st prize), $100 (for 2nd place) and $100 (3rd place).
Good luck and happy purrrrs,

Best Yummy pancakes ever – SECRET original recipe

wat Camille de CAt lovs to EAT!!!!!!!!!!

latke pancakes with platano recipe for hungry cat lovers

latke pancakes with platano recipe for hungry cat lovers

yummy hearty recipes from cat to cat lovers

my mommy make me vonderfull foodles. i’z lov her. she best in world, meow, miau.

ilike dis new one pancake latkes i tink she put some mice in dem even she sez its vegeterian.

grate for sorprizing our mommies on motherday and stuffing our face anyday.
I steel dat recepie for yu. itz a SECRET recepi so dont tell ANYONE about it, it is too yummy to share ;) :lol:

and hier it iz…

de SECRET ingrediens:

  • eggz [5-6]
  • wholewheat ground breadcrumbs [very fine, like flour almost. mi like organic german bread]
  • sea salt, ground pepper, finely ground oregano powder, sweet red paprica powder, little bitsy of ginger powder and mustard powder if yu hav [i likes lots of paprica. be careful wiz oregano, taste as u add it]
  • lots of fresh garlic [my breath is vonderfol and it kips de flu away], chop or grind very fine
  • fresh middle sized purple onion, minced fine
  • carrot – grate it very fine and keep da juice
  • zuccini – grate it very fine and keep da juice

 HOWTO make it: Continue reading

Amazing Fat Cat survives 5 Story fall and Hawk attack

Amazing Cat Story: Eddie, the Super-Cat!

Eddie the fat cat

Eddie the fat cat

It was dawn on the upper West Side  when a young woman was awakened by a terrible loud screech, mixed with a terrified meowing of a cat.

Running out onto her fifth-floor balcony, (where minutes before her beloved cat Eddie had been sleeping on a bench) she was just in time to see him being lifted up into the air by a red tailed hawk.

All that was left behind of her beloved cat, was shreds of fur, broken nails, and feathers.

Heartbroken, and weeping the woman,  ran out into the street  looking everywhere, hoping at least to find his body to cry over even if he were already dead.  Whomever she turned to for help, told her it were a pointless waste of time, as he was surely dead.

Her beloved Eddie, her companion in her lonely Manhattan flat, suddenly gone forever!

“I walked for hours all over the neighborhood and up Riverside Drive, sobbing, looking for his body,” she said.

“I went to all the hawks’ nests. I put up signs with Eddie’s photo. I was heartbroken!”

Nothing seemed to help. No one had seen him. Not even his body was found. Eddie had vanished.

Or so it seemed, until a neighbor called her up to say he’d found her cat.

This is what happened:
When the hawk picked up Eddie, he didn’t realize what a heavy load he was taking up.
You see, Eddie is a 15 pound fat white cat, and that is a mighty weight for a 4 pound hawk.
He managed to carry him for about 50 feet, before dropping becoming too exhausted and dropping him.

Like a heavy rock Eddie headed towards the ground towards a sure death from the height of 5 stories.
However, by a Continue reading

Abandoned Kittens find Loving Homes

21 Kittens in a Box

Some of the Rescued Kittens

Two of the Rescued Kittens

On Thursday morning, a resident in Syracuse’s Tipperary Hill area discovered a box containing more than 21 kittens while she was taking a walk.

The woman brought the box of surprises to Fairmount Animal Hospital, where they received the care that they need.

The kittens were surprisingly in good shape with just a few fleas. They are believed to be about two to three weeks old and probably born to three separate mothers.

On Friday, only a day later, each of the kittens has a clean bill of health and most have already been adopted.

The Fairmount Animal Hospital says they are surprised at the incredible Continue reading