Cats and Kittens for Adoption

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Here’s a few recent cats and kittens for adoption that were submitted in our FREE cat adoptions classifieds directory.

4 Rescued Kittens Need Home

We are four little kittens that were born when our mom was rescued.
Two of us are black with a little white on us. The other two of us are orange tiger.
We are potty trained.
Can we come to your house and play with you and give you love?

Our adopted mom cannot

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Siamese Kitten for Adoption

Buy Siamese Kitten

Love Siamese Cats? Then you’ll love this siamese kitten.
3 Month Old Siamese Kitten for adoption.

Siamese colored kitten, roughly 3 mos old, born in the middle of June.
Female, not neutered, no shots, treated for fleas and worms, not declawed.

Very friendly, and curious, likes to be hand-held, a little shy with unknown people.
Healthy, no special food preferences, playful, could be indoor and outdoor – currently she is residing both (outdoor and indoor), active in the morning and evening, but sleeps at night.

Likes to sleep on the bed with people.
Pictures available upon request. There is a $ 25.00 adoption fee.

Contact Owner:
San Diego, USA
[email protected]
Or [email protected]


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Six Month old Female Bengal Kitten for Sale

Adopt Cute Bengal Kitten

Want to adopt a loving Bengal Kitten? Learn all about Bengal Cats here>>>
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Bengal Kitten for adoption
Bengal Kitten for adoption

Six Month old Bengal kitten for sale:

I have a beautiful four month old female Bengal Kitten. She is very playful and friendly, and lovable once she gets to know you. I am selling her for $175.00.
If interested please call me at   (323)798-6766 cell, or at (661)946-6837 home.
Also, I don’t ship to other states.
I am located by Los Angeles,Lancaster, CA.
Thank you, Dahlia.

Abandoned Kittens find Loving Homes

21 Kittens in a Box

Some of the Rescued Kittens
Two of the Rescued Kittens

On Thursday morning, a resident in Syracuse’s Tipperary Hill area discovered a box containing more than 21 kittens while she was taking a walk.

The woman brought the box of surprises to Fairmount Animal Hospital, where they received the care that they need.

The kittens were surprisingly in good shape with just a few fleas. They are believed to be about two to three weeks old and probably born to three separate mothers.

On Friday, only a day later, each of the kittens has a clean bill of health and most have already been adopted.

The Fairmount Animal Hospital says they are surprised at the incredible

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Cats For Adoption! Help these Rescue cats get a forever home

Two Loving Male Cats for Adoption!

These two loving male rescue cats, are available for adoption in North California. If you are interested in visiting any of them or adopting one of the male cats, then please contact the cat rescue shelter SafeHaveforCats NC.
Link is on the bottom of the page.

Aquino needs a  forever home!

Adopt a Cat
Adopt me please!

I’m a very dapper the 7 month old tuxedo kitten that loves kids, cats and humans! My name is Aquino and I live in North California and am outgoing and can’t wait to nuzzle and play with you!

If you stop by and visit, I will rub against you and might even roll on my back for you!

I hope to see you soon!


Little Abraham needs a Loving  Mommy or Daddy!

Adopt A Cat!
Adopt A Cat!

Hi, I’m Abraham.
I’m a frisky, intelligent little guy who loves to play and chase my roommates.

When you stop by my cage, I’ll scurry right over to talk to you.
I would love to go home with you right now and promise to add some fun and frolic to your life. It would be awesome if a buddy could come, too, so I can keep up my exercise routine.
I’m good with children, other cats and am 24 Weeks old.
I hope you’ll come and visit me!

thank you!

If you would like to adopt these cats or find out more about them, contact their shelter:

[email protected]

Can You Adopt Peach the Cat?

Peach Melba Is for Adoption! Adopt a Shelter Cat Today.

Help Adopt a Shelter Cat. Peach Melba is really beautiful North California Female Cat, that likes other cats and children and will surely love you too!

I'm a sweet peach. Adopt me?
I'm a sweet little peach. Adopt me?

“I’m a sweet, delicious Southern girl, just looking for my one true love! I won’t play hard to get if you offer me a home of my own, so don’t worry about rejection! I’ll be the one to put a smile on your face and a giggle in your heart every day for as long as we’re together. You rub, I’ll roll. You pet, I’ll purr. You come, we’ll go – together.”
Peach Melba

Contact The Shelter:

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Three Loving Rescue Cats Deserve Good Home! Adopt a Cat

Sookie, Starshine & Sophie Need a Loving Home! Adopt a Cat.

These three loving Cats, Sookie, Starshing and Sophie are up for adoption.

Can you adopt a rescue cat?
They would be soooo grateful to you,.. forever.

Sookie, Starshine and Sophie are all three loving and beautiful cats all in their own special way! Take a look at them.

Starshine NEEDS YOU! Adopt a cat now!
Starshine NEEDS YOU! Adopt a cat now!

Starshine Is For Adoption! Please Adopt me! Meow.

“Hi, I’m a beautiful Ginger cat that loves children and other cats too. I’ll always love you and if you adopt me, I will always thank you with one of the biggest gifts… LOVE!”

“Good morning starshine, you lead us along,

My love and me as we sing our early morning singing song.”

I’m no child of the ‘60s but I love this exuberant song. My soul is that way, too, but it’s waiting to be unleashed. Will you help me realize my true self? If you do, I bet a special star up there will glow brighter for you.

Starshine, 1 year old.

Sophie the Kind Cat For Adoption

Will you be My Mommy?
Will you be My Mommy?

“I’ve got the softest little voice and the softest fur to go with it.

Enhancing my look are striking white highlight hairs mixed into the black fur on my back and cute little tufts in my ears. When I’m bunking in a colony room with roommates, I’m always the speedy one who’s first at the door to great visitors.

I love people and definitely know how to show affection.

I’m hoping that one day, there will be someone there to love me back.

No matter how long it will take, i know it will be one day. And until that day, well, i won’t give up!

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Kittens and Cats Looking For a Good Home! Adopt a Cat

Can You Give this Cat a Good Home?

Hi, my name is camille as you might know already, and I’m here to help cats and humans with cat health tips, suggestions, product reviews and cat adoptions.

I want every cat to find a loving home, so please take a look at this one. Maybe she’s for you?

Here are a few beautiful and loving cats that are looking for a good home!

Want to adopt me?
Want to adopt me?

A Rescue Cat for Adoption

Brooke is a stunning white & tabby/tortoiseshell long-haired neutered female. She is approximately three years old.

Brooke is a very friendly, affectionate girl who enjoys attention and

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