Extend Your Cat’s Life by 10 Years with this Revolutionary Sound Frequency Backed by Science

New scientific breakthrough discovery for cat longevity!
Play this special sound frequency out loud for 20 minutes a day to extend your cat’s life by 10 years!

This special frequency recording will send gentle healing vibrations through your cat’s body, regenerating its cells, and giving it a longer, healthier life!

How this healing frequency will help Your Cat:

  • Longevity. This frequency affects the cat’s cells, causing them to regenerate. It increases blood flow and circulation, protects cells from diseases like cancer, dissolves blood clots, and protects from heart attacks – thereby greatly extending your cat’s life!
  • Cellular regeneration. Helps aging cats live longer, feel younger, and be stronger.
  • Pain relief. (Old age often brings on Rheumatism in pets. Injuries hurt more as a body ages). 
  • Anxiety relief. Calms cats down. This can result in better sleep at night and less bad cat behavior problems in the day.
  • Better sleep! This frequency relaxes cats by sending soothing vibrations through their bodies and minds. Play it before bedtime.
  • Anti-depression. Helps moody, depressed, and lethargic cats feel happier and more energetic.


Backed by science.

Teams of experts, scientists, and researchers at 12 prestigious Universities from around the world conducted in-depth research and experiments on the power of sound frequencies to heal the body – and they all had AMAZING results!

Scientists discovered that when a certain healing sound frequency is played, vibrations pass through the body affecting the cells in a positive way.
Blood clots are dissolved, high blood pressure is decreased, heart attacks and strokes are prevented, cells are protected from diseases such as cancer, and inflammation and pain are greatly reduced (or completely gone!).
The cells, bones, and skin are regenerated and renewed!
Anxiety and stress are released, and the body is reinvigorated.



You can get this amazing Cat Longevity Frequency for FREE!!!

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What you get:

You’ll get 3 calming music tracks (mp3 files) with the longevity frequency and 1 relaxing nature track of birds chirping with the longevity frequency.

Simply download it, turn on your speakers, and play it out loud near your cat (for instance, when you’re petting her or brushing her hair).


Here’s what happy cat moms and dads have to say:

“OMG! Princess used to wake me up 4 times a night meowing and biting toes. now she SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!! I can’t thank you enough for this frequency!! it’s changed my life!!” – Beth

“I played the frequency for a week and my little boy Micky is much calmer now. He no longer has his “fits” where he tears the couch or throws over my plants for no reason. His mood has improved” – Stacey

“My girl is 8 years old. After playing the frequency to her for 2 weeks she’s changed! She’s now bouncy and energetic like I haven’t seen her in years! She’s playful and climbing up trees. She looks like a young cat again.” – Bert

“Ginger stopped meowing! she used to sit on the carpet and meow and meow and meow for half an hour for no apparent reason. maybe she had some pains??? i don’t know. anyway now she’s happy and purring!” – Diane


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