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Make Your Cat Memorable – WIN $500!

Have your cat stick out from the millions of other cats in the world, by placing her/him in CatLovingCare’s unique cat books. Each book has only limited placements available.

Immortalize your cat with her image & text, for all to see; Not only will your cat be seen, but you can share special unique cute things or funny habits your cat does, or perhaps a happy rescue story….

Each of our quality books will have a CoverCat. After finalizing your book entry you’ll be entered by us into our CoverCat Contest. Top winning entry will be the CoverCat.
Top 3 Winners of each contest receive $500, $100, $100 respectively.

Current Cat Books You Can Join:

“500 Cutest Cats in The World”

Cutest Cats in The World- cat photo contest and book
If you love your cat and think your cat is CUTE, he/she belongs here!
Click Here to Enter Your Cat!

“Beauties in Black & White”

Beauties in Black and White - Enter cat photo contest and book
This book is exclusively for pretty black/white cats & kittens of any age.
Click Here to Enter Your Cat!


The CatLovingCare published titles will be available on Amazon and
in leading book marketplaces.

About our books: Full color (Black&White for “Beauties in B&W” book )
8.5″x11″ size of pages, app. 179 pages.
Each entrant receives 1/3 page space.
We’ll resize and/or edit images you submit and improve them when possible.
Book will be ready on the Amazon marketplace within 6 weeks of CoverCat being selected.

See example of inner pages (Click on image to enlarge it):
CatLovingCare Cat Book Publications - Sample inner pages of typical cat book

Book covers displayed above are only a sample and not the final cover. 


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  1. We would love for Bees, Ohs and Tees to win the prize for the cat food as Marg looks after so many different animals and feeds them without any funding apart from furrends on the Cat Blaogosphere who donate when they can afford to.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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