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Gazing out the window from my favorite spot on the couch.
Gazing out the window from my favorite spot on the couch.

In ’09, my cat momma was pregnant and alone in the wild. A nice couple took her in, and a coworker of theirs and his girl were looking to fill their home with the sound of kitten feet. I’d been a quick learner and was on my best behavior. They were mine!

As I grew, I craved the outdoors and would climb up (and knock down) their corn stalk plant. My human momma soon let me outside with her.
At first, I’d stay back and then run to her, always keeping her in sight. I quickly took to bounding up and down trees. There are two down by the creek I treat like a half pipe and a hollow one that’s my fort. I love to tear through the house, racing up and down the stairs. My momma says I act like an old dog of hers, but I know I’m better than any dog!

Cat’s rule… let’s see a dog try and climb a tree like me!

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"Rub my tummy... Make a wish!"

We found Aladdin in a shelter and he was 4 months at the time, the biggest and most beautiful kitten there.He chose us by rubbing against our legs and purring…We instantly loved him. He is a gentle and peaceful cat who plays little and sleeps a lot. He doesn’t like to be picked up but will sit on you often at his choice. He loves to eat fresh steak and canned tuna, he is very spoilt and loved.

He tolerates his doggie brother Gypsy, a Bichon Frise.
He is an indoor kitty mostly and is sensative to peoples emotions and proves to be very calming when he sits on your lap.

He was named Aladdin…he doesn’t have a magical lamp so we have to rub his tummy instead!

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