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Cats have such personalities and attitudes. Have you ever looked at your furbaby and thought he behaves rather like a little boy? Well, maybe he was a little boy in his past life!

Katie is a Clairvoyant and Psychic Artist who is taking the world by storm with her stunning paintings of the past lives of cats and dogs.

Katie uses her psychic abilities to connect with cats and dogs and gets visions of who they were in their past lives. Then she paints the visions she sees in her trances.

Katie recently launched where she sells a service to create custom past life portrait paintings.

Within 5 days of launching her new site, she was already discovered and published on 15 news outlets including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Daily Herald, Celeb WIRED, AZ Central, New York Daily News, the Times Leader, the Chronicle Journal, The Evening Leader, E-Stardom, the Newport Daily Express, Buzzfeed, the Maine Post, and even CBS 2!

Furbabypastlife Katie paintings

After posting one of her paintings on Instagram, she went viral.

She’s been featured in the news, and numerous Instagram influencers are raving about her paintings and sharing her work like crazy.

The Spiritual Goddess, an influencer with 291K followers, commented on Katie’s work: “I absolutely LOVE Katie’s painting! It’s a true masterpiece.”

Third Eye Thirst, a spiritual community with over 1.5 Million followers, says: “Katie is an amazing artist and one of the world’s most powerful psychics. Her rare talents enable her to see into the past with shocking accuracy. We highly recommend her!”

Highest Dimension, an Instagram Magazine with over 559K followers, posted the following endorsement: “If you don’t know who your pet was in their past life, get a painting from Katie. Who knows? Maybe YOUR cat was a princess…
Katie is the only psychic artist in the world who can reveal your pet’s PAST LIFE!
And her paintings are STUNNING!”

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Today we got an exclusive interview with Katie.

Interview with Psychic Katie

Q: You are an amazing artist! How did you develop your artistic talents?

Katie from
Katie from

Both my parents are traditional artists. I pretty much grew up surrounded by paintings, paintbrushes, drawings, sketches, and artists. 

Since I was little, my mom took me to see art exhibitions, museums, and galleries. I was exposed to many styles of art. My favorite styles were the vintage paintings made by the great masters.

I inherited the love of art from my parents. My father taught me how to paint with oils, my mom taught me how to use watercolors.

Q: For how long have you been painting?

I’ve been painting since I was a child. I studied traditional art, digital art, watercolor painting, oil painting, and acrylic painting. 

Q: How did you develop your psychic Clairvoyant powers?

When I was 26 I went on vacation to Brazil with a Brazilian friend. I love nature, adventures, hiking, and extreme sports… We ended up taking a wild trip through the jungle.

We stopped for the night in a small, remote village.

Outside of the village, there was a fire blazing and strange chanting and drumming. I approached and saw several people engaged in a strange dance and ceremony. An old man with a painted face seemed to be in a strange trance, shaking, his eyes rolling up.
My friend asked one of the onlookers what was going on, and he said it was a Shamanic trance. 

When the high Shaman awoke from his trance, he turned around and looked straight at me. Raising a finger, he pointed at me and said something I didn’t understand in a deep voice.
My friend translated and said he wanted me to stay and learn from him. 
“He says you have special powers you aren’t aware of. He wants to help you develop them.” she said and then after a pause she added, “And Katie, he knows our names and where we’re from!!!”

I’ve always been interested in spirituality. I practice Yoga and meditate each morning.

Something about the Shaman intrigued me greatly. Plus the fact that he knew my name, age, and where I was from even though I hadn’t told anyone was some proof that he had some sort of psychic abilities.
So I changed my plans and ended up staying for 2 months in that village.
He taught me how to connect with the spirit world.

During one of my Shamanic trances, I felt a burning hot sensation on my forehead. 
Immediately, my Third Eye opened and I began to get a confused jumble of visions of different people. Like a crazy trailer with different bits and pieces of people’s lives from different eras. 

The Shaman then taught me how to control my visions and connect with certain souls at will.

I learned to meditate on a certain animal until I ‘blacked out’ and fell into a trance. Then I’d see visions of that specific creature’s past life. 

I developed the ability to look at a photo of a cat or dog and see who they were in their former life. 

When I returned home, I immediately focused on my own furbabies and painted their past lives. Then I did the same with my friends’ pets. 

Q: Can you paint humans’ past lives?

Currently, I only connect with animals since I learned the art of connecting with animal spirits.

Q: Tell us more about past lives.

I believe everyone has at least one past life, if not many past lives.

We are all energy, as Einstein said. When our physical body dies, our energy body lives on.
Souls are immortal.

Because everything is energy – humans, cats, trees, plants – our energy body (or soul) can easily fit into different physical bodies.

Souls want to experience the pleasures of the physical world, so they incarnate into different bodies and lives. 

Just think, we now have 8 Billion humans on this planet. However, a thousand years ago, there were about 150M-330M. So where did all the other 7.7 Billion souls come from? They can’t be human souls. They must be spirits of animals and people from other planets.

The same with cats. There are all the time more cats in the world. Millions more than there were a thousand years ago! So where do all their souls come from?
They can’t be cat souls who reincarnate into millions more cats.
So of course, when you think of it, it only makes sense that their souls come from other creatures and deceased humans.

Our souls are fluid. We maintain our own individuality even when we incarnate into differently shaped bodies. 

Q: Do all cats have past lives?

Yes, all cats I’ve ever connected to had at least one past life, some had several past lives.

You see, when the “Thinking Stuff” or Cosmic Energy first incarnates into a physical body, it usually starts on a very basic level. Such as a very simple organism. Then as it “climbs up the evolutionary ladder” it incarnates into smarter creatures and grows in intelligence.

Cats are very smart animals. They are far smarter than we think.
They understand a lot more than you know. They think deep thoughts even when they’re lying lazily on a windowsill gazing out at the street.
And they have deep emotions, feelings, and complex personalities.

Cats are very high on the spiritual energetic ladder, close to humans.
Therefore, many cats incarnate into humans or into other similarly intelligent beings.

Sometimes, human souls are tired after an unhappy life and wish to incarnate into a pampered cat who has an easy, calm, happy life being taken care of by a human.

Q: How many past lives do cats have?

It varies. Some cats already had more than 10 past lives. Some only had 1 or 2 past lives.

Q: Do humans have past lives?

Yes, I believe almost all creatures and humans have past lives.

Q: How do you see past lives?

The Brazilian shaman taught me how to connect with the spirit world at will whenever I want to.
I look at a photo of a cat or dog and focus on it until I fall into a trance.
During my trance, I get visions of that furbaby’s past life. 

Luckily, I am gifted with a great, photographic memory. When I awaken from the trance, I draw the face of the person I saw in my visions. During my trance, I often see different visions of that person’s life. For instance, I may see several visions of that person as a child, then several visions of them as an adult etc.
I write down whatever I saw, heard, and know from my visions such as when they were born, their name, where they lived, their family, how many kids they had, what their profession was etc.


Thank you, Katie, for partaking in our interview!

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