Stevie Wonder Blind Piano Cat

The Blind Piano Playing Cat

Stevie Wonder, is a six year old blind cat that was found in a garden flea-ridden, suffering from worms, with a hernia in his stomach and both of his eyes missing.

Vets are unsure whether his eyes were surgically removed or he was born without them.
Stevie was taken home by Beva Street; one of the staff of the Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire.
At first, Ms Street noticed that he appeared to like listening to the piano being played.
Then one day he astounded her by pressing the keys and playing the piano himself!

Beva Street, deputy manager of cat welfare at the shelter, believes the blind wonder cat feels comforted by being able to hear the sound made by its movements and that the sounds connect him to the outside world.
Now the piano playing kitty spends most of his time enchanted by the gentle piano sounds at his temporary owner’s home.

Ms Street said: ‘You wouldn’t think Stevie couldn’t see. He is so playful he is like a little kitten.
Stevie seems to enjoy the sound of the piano and often jumps up on my lap while I play.
He has ventured onto the seat and the piano himself a few times for a little nose and a rather noisy play.
Because he has no sight Stevie’s other senses are so heightened – his hearing is amazing.
He loves to jump, play with fishing rod toys and explore his foster home and garden. He really is a wonder.
Amazingly in terms of himself Stevie is well, which is why it is so surprising that he does not have eyes.’

She also said she hoped Stevie would find a stable home soon where the furniture remains in one place so he can create a mental map in his head of the space around him.

Wood Green, which was founded in 1924, rehomes thousands of dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, hens, ferrets and other small animals every year.




Amazing Fat Cat survives 5 Story fall and Hawk attack

Amazing Cat Story: Eddie, the Super-Cat!

Eddie the fat cat
Eddie the fat cat

It was dawn on the upper West Side  when a young woman was awakened by a terrible loud screech, mixed with a terrified meowing of a cat.

Running out onto her fifth-floor balcony, (where minutes before her beloved cat Eddie had been sleeping on a bench) she was just in time to see him being lifted up into the air by a red tailed hawk.

All that was left behind of her beloved cat, was shreds of fur, broken nails, and feathers.

Heartbroken, and weeping the woman,  ran out into the street  looking everywhere, hoping at least to find his body to cry over even if he were already dead.  Whomever she turned to for help, told her it were a pointless waste of time, as he was surely dead.

Her beloved Eddie, her companion in her lonely Manhattan flat, suddenly gone forever!

“I walked for hours all over the neighborhood and up Riverside Drive, sobbing, looking for his body,” she said.

“I went to all the hawks’ nests. I put up signs with Eddie’s photo. I was heartbroken!”

Nothing seemed to help. No one had seen him. Not even his body was found. Eddie had vanished.

Or so it seemed, until a neighbor called her up to say he’d found her cat.

This is what happened:
When the hawk picked up Eddie, he didn’t realize what a heavy load he was taking up.
You see, Eddie is a 15 pound fat white cat, and that is a mighty weight for a 4 pound hawk.
He managed to carry him for about 50 feet, before dropping becoming too exhausted and dropping him.

Like a heavy rock Eddie headed towards the ground towards a sure death from the height of 5 stories.
However, by a

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Abandoned Kittens find Loving Homes

21 Kittens in a Box

Some of the Rescued Kittens
Two of the Rescued Kittens

On Thursday morning, a resident in Syracuse’s Tipperary Hill area discovered a box containing more than 21 kittens while she was taking a walk.

The woman brought the box of surprises to Fairmount Animal Hospital, where they received the care that they need.

The kittens were surprisingly in good shape with just a few fleas. They are believed to be about two to three weeks old and probably born to three separate mothers.

On Friday, only a day later, each of the kittens has a clean bill of health and most have already been adopted.

The Fairmount Animal Hospital says they are surprised at the incredible

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Australian Wild Cats Poisoned In Order to Save Parrots

Cats Poisoned in Hope of Saving Endangered Western Ground Parrots

Wild, Feral Cats being poisoned in Western Australia
Wild, Feral Cats being poisoned in Western Australia

Poisonous baits are being dropped by plane in two  national parks in West Australia in order to kill off feral cats preying on the Western Ground Parrot.

The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) says the western ground parrot is one of Australia’s most critically endangered species, with fewer than 140 of the birds known to be alive.

In an attempt to fend off the rapid decline, the DEC have begun trialling cat baits in the Fitzgerald River National Park and Cape Arid National Park on WA’s south coast.

The two parks are the only places where the parrots still survive.

DEC ecologist Sarah Comer thinks that the feral cats are the major factor in the parrot’s decline. She also said that the effectiveness of the baits would be closely watched.

“The first batch of Eradicat baits were dropped by plane in the Fitzgerald River National Park in mid April, with more bait drops following over the past few weeks,” Ms Comer said.
“A number of cats are being radio-tracked, and it is hoped we will get clear evidence of mortality following the baiting.”


Right or Wrong Thing to do?

Now what do you think about that?

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Kittens Saved Moments Before being Crushed to Death in a Garbage Truck

Bin Men Saved the Day! (And the Kitties)

This is 'Bin' one of the abandoned Kitties
This is 'Bin' one of the abandoned Kitties

Three little kittens can thank their lucky stars for being spotted and saved by vigilant bin men, seconds before being crushed to death in the back of a refuse (garbage) truck.

The eight-week old black and white kittens were found stuffed into a shoe box in a garbage bag, last Friday by refuse workers in Montague Road, West Hendon, while they were on their rounds collecting garbages.

They had been about to chuck the garbage bag along with other rubbish into the powerful crusher at the back of their truck when one of them suddenly caught sight of the kittens (or perhaps heard a little meow from inside one of the plastic bags).

Upon finding the kittens, they spoke to a local resident who agreed to rehome two of the cats and took the last of the trio to The Mayhew Animal Home in Kensal Rise, where staff have named him Bin because of his ordeal.

Mayhew CEO, Caroline Yates, said: “It is hard to comprehend that anyone would leave three vulnerable kittens trapped in a shoebox left for a fate of certain death.”

“There is no excuse for dumping any animals in such a cruel and heartless manner when there are many charities and organisations in London to approach for help.” A spokesman said.

“Luckily they were found in time and a compassionate member of the public brought one of them to The Mayhew to find a safe new home.”

My Comments:

What do you think about this? Would YOU do the same thing to your kittens if you couldn’t find a home for them and wanted to get rid of them? Could it be that the person who threw them out was somehow hoping that they would be found by someone kind and rescued? Or do you think that they were simply cold hearted and mean?

Comment below.

Thanks for reading and I hope none of you will do the same to your kitties!


Adventures Maine Coon Cat Gets Stuck in Fridge for 6 hours!

Frozen Chicken, Frozen Fish, … Frozen Kitty? What Next?

Kitty in Fridge
Kitty in Fridge

When I was a junior in college, I adopted a cat from the ASPCA, and named him Moe. Little did I know at the time, he was a Maine Coone, and would turn out to be a huge, furry, wild one at that. Moe loved to get himself into all kinds of trouble. One morning, my mother even awoke to Moe swinging by his front paws from the chandelier, and, to this day, I’ve yet to hear the end of it.

More than anything else, Moe wanted to hang out in the refrigerator—I imagine all that fur made him hot—and it was all I could do keep him out of it.
Every time I opened the door, he’d sprint from the other end of the room to get a peek and a paw inside. One night, just before bed, I opened the fridge to get a bottle of water, and, unbeknown to me, as I turned my back, Moe jumped in.

At some point each night, Moe would snuggle onto the foot of my bed and snooze the rest of the night away with me, but when I woke up and couldn’t find him, the search was on.

Finally, I thought to open the fridge, and there was Moe, perched comfortably on the bottom shelf—six hours later.
Funny enough, he barely nudged when I opened the door, but instead stepped out, stretched and went about his business. Either way, I was beside myself. I had locked my cat in the fridge—what else was there to say? All I could do was thank my lucky stars he survived.

Brynn Manino

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3 Mean Vandal Woman Break into Cat Shelter and Destroy it!

A recent break-in at the Susanville animal shelter has caused a big outcry!

3 Vandals broke into a pet animal shelter early Wednesday morning, dirtying the walls with graffiti, damaging equipment and kidnapping six cats.

The Shelter workers have since been worried about the felines’ fate. “We can clean up the mess,” said Animal Cotnrol Supervisor Judge Walesch, “but we worry about the cats, if they are being cared for. I can’t imagine someone who vandalizes an animal shelter actually loving the cats or caring for them. I hope that they are alright and not being ill used.”

So far, one adult cat was recovered during the investigation and Thursday night the two young kittens were recovered at the home of one of the pre-teen girls arrrested in the case.

They are reportedly in good health and being bottle raised at a foster home. Their mother and two other adult cats are still missing.

Sadly, two cats were injured in the rampage. One suffered eye burns from something the vandals threw around the office. The other, an elderly cat, who had been the shelter’s mascot and internet ambassador was badly traumatized by the incident and had to be euthanized.

The damage down to the shelter is estimated to be many thousands of dollars.

The two pre-teen girls responsible for the damage are being held in juvenile hall on burglary and animal cruelty charges.

Along with the girls, a 35 year old woman has also been arrested as she helped them rob the place and destroy it.

————— My Comments:

How terrible that is!  The poor cats and dogs, the poor shelter!

How could ANYONE do such a MEAN thing to such poor little creatures! Destroying a shelter where poor beaten and starving cats and dogs find a refuge, kidnapping six cats and doing I don’t know what to them.

What is this world coming to?

That there can be such mean people on this planet is simply shocking! They are either demented or simply cold hearted and cruel!

What do you think about it? Comment below.



Stray Momma Cat Fosters Abandoned Bob Cat Kittens

Momma Cat Saves Bob Cat Kittens!

Momma cat nurses bobcat kittens
Momma cat nurses bobcat kittens

A few weeks ago, a hunter found three small bobcat kittens alone in the woods of Alabama and took them to Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Rescue took the kitties in, but felt that they would and could not survive as they where too young and their eyes where still closed.

Luckily something special happened!

A stray cat in the Rescue Center who’s kittens had already started eating solid food found the kittens and adopted them imediately! She cuddled up to them and let them suckle on her nipples. Half an hour later, the kittens where already happily cuddled up with the momma cat aswell as with her own kittens!

They are now healthy, full and happy!

Big Cat Rescue plans to release the bobcats into the wild after 18 months, when they’ll be old enough to hunt and survive on their own.

What a lovely cat story!

What do you think? Comment below. Thank you!


Crazy woman pierces kittens to make them “Gothic kittens”

SCANDAL!!! Woman Pierces her Kittens

One of the pierced "Gothic Kittens"
One of the pierced "Gothic Kittens"

The Pierced “Gothic Kittens”

A 35 year old woman in Pennsylvania was just sentenced to house arrest for six months after having  pierced her three young kittens on their necks, ears and docking their tails. As well as tying a ring around one of the kitten’s tails used to prevent blood flow, causing the tail to fall off in time.

Strangely enough, even though Crawford (as is the woman’s name) pierced her kittens with fourteen gauge needles (the size normally used to inject cattle) she claims not to have wanted to hurt them but only to have tried to  “beautify” them.

She marketed them on the internet as “Gothic Kittens” and gained a lot of fame especially on her website were she put up pictures of the kittens and later used it to raise money to support her appeal in court.
Her defence lawyers argue that

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Wonder Momma Cat nurses her Kittens AND Orphaned Puppies

Wonder Momma Cat Nurses Kittens AND Pupps!

Latest Cute-Cat news:

A Siamese cat called Amanda, living in Beaver, gave birth to two cute kittens on March 7th. The same day, a Pomeranian Dog living in the same house who was named Lucy gave birth to seven healthy puppies. However, only days after the puppies birth, their mother dog fell ill and died.

Amanda, the ever kind mother cat took pity upon the little puppies and let them suckle along side her kittens on her nipples.

She now nurses her two newborn kittens and the orphaned litter of 7 puppies.

What a wonderful cat that is!

Hope you enjoyed this post and please comment to tell me what you think about it.

Thanks and meows to all catlovers!

(AP Photo/Beaver County Times, Lucy Schaly)

Lost Black Cat Sparky Reunited with Family after 1 Year

Black Cat Found after 1 Years Search!

Sparky the cat comes home again!
Sparky the cat comes home again!

Some people think that when a cat runs away, it is gone forever.  Not so with Sparky!

This is an unusual story of a run-away cat who was found 1 year after his escape.

Last year the black cat Sparky scampered to freedom — and the unknown — from his home in Lexington, UK while his owners were visiting friends in Boston.

After Sparky fled, Addie Mathews, 19, posted flyers and scoured the neighborhood for the then 7-month-old kitten.

”There was no sign of him,” she said. ”I was just really hoping that someone had taken him in, because he’s a really friendly cat.”

A few weeks ago, someone discovered an abondond black cat in an empty bank-owned forclosure property. The owner had left it aswell as the cat behind. The cat was brought to the MSPCA in Jamaica Plain.

However, when the MSPCA counselor scanned the black cat, a microchip was found which gave the cats true identity – SPARKY!

That very same day, Sparky was reunited with his suprised owner Addie.

“I thought I’d never see him again!” She said suprised while looking down at the black kitty in her arms.

“You can’t imagine how glad I am to have him back with me again!”



Why do you think that Sparky ran away to begin with?

Was he unhappy with his owners, or did he just not know better and run out into the world as a curious little kitty and then get lost and end up locked up in the empty house without a way to get back home?

Do you think that it was faire that the person left the kitty alone in the for-closure house? I don’t!

Comment below if you’d like to share your thoughts with us.


Cat Gets Stuck in Bomb Detection Machine in Newport Airport

Nervous Fat Cat Stuck in Airport

Fat Cat
Fat Cat

Two days ago, a fat nervous kitty got herself lodged under a bomb-detection machine at Newark  Airport during the morning rush hour, making its owner miss her flight to Florida and go through 20 minutes hassle to get her out again.

A woman and her young daughter had the brown-and-black cat in a carrier but when they removed it so the container could go through the X-ray machine, the freaked-out feline ran under the CTX explosive-detection device, Port Authority officials said.

They didn’t think of opening a jar of tuna to lure her out again or giving her a cat treat, instead they called the police who tried using a snare to get her out but the cat avoided it cleverly.

They then used a hydraulic device to lift the thousand pound CTX machine and free the fat cat that had worked its way under 4 inches of clearance.

That checkpoint was closed and passengers were diverted to another machine.

The combination of the snare and a “hydraulic spreader” to lift an end of the bomb-detection machine allowed the officers to free the cat and return it to the owner and her daughter.

“The guys did a good job,” Booncome said.

The woman and her daughter missed their Continental Airlines flight to Florida, but were ecstatic that the cat was unharmed. They planned to return for departure today.

The woman seemed very stressed out but the fat cat didn’t seem to be bothered one single bit.

It simply lay there and seemed to smile.

The Amazing Cat that Could Predict Death

Oscar – The Cat who could Predict Death

Oscar Predicts Death
Oscar Predicts Death

Hi there cat lovers!

Today i found an amazing article about a cat named Oscar who lived in a Hospital and could predict the death of 50 of the hospital patients.

He never liked to cuddle anyone but each time a patient was about to die, Oscar would be found cuddling up to them throughout their last living hours.

But could this just be a coincidence?

Read the full story over here and make your own judgement of it:

Watch this video of Oscar the Cat:

These Cats Have Real College Degrees!

These Cats have obtained College Degrees and MBA’s

College degrees for cats!!
College degrees for cats!!

Colby Nolan, a plain house cat was awarded an MBA degree in 2004 by Trinity Southern University, Texas-based diploma mill.
Colby Nolan belongs to a deputy attorney general.
The Trinity Southern University had been suspected for fraud and therefore  some undercover agents had the six-year-old Colby Nolan obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration for a mere $299.

On the cat’s application, the agents claimed that the cat had previously taken courses at a community college, worked at a fast-food restaurant, babysat, and

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Cat Found Wrapped in Duct-Tape

Cat Found Abandoned in Philadelphia

On September 23. 2009, a Philadelphia woman found the beneath pictured cat, wrapped from tail to head in duct-tape. The cat had been abandoned in her yard and only its head was uncovered.

She immediately called the PSPCA (Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), who have since been taking care of the poor cat.

Luckily for the cat, the duct-tape had not been on her too long, and was therefore easily removed with a pair of sizors. She did not lose to much hair in the process.

“Whoever did this is very sick,” said George Bengal, director of the PSPCA.

“I’ve never, ever seen a cat totally wrapped like a mummy before,” he told 6ABC.

[watch the video here]

“She is a female cat, about 1 or 2 years old, very cudely and sweet! We asume that she was

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