CatLovingCare Cat Book Publications and Cat Photo Contests!

Enter to Win Cat Photo Contests offers cat photo contests open exclusively to cats who enter into our cat book publications. We accept worldwide entries from cats of all ages, genders and sizes to our following book publications for the following themes:

  1. 500 Cutest Cats in The World
  2. Cat Beauties in Black and White
Enter your cat!
Sign up for your cat’s place in the book and get free entry into the CoverCat cat photo contest!
After finalizing your book entry, we create for your cat a page on our site, so that people can vote on him or her to be the book’s CoverCat.
Tell all your friends and family to vote for your cat to WIN $500 (1st prize), $100 (for 2nd place) and $100 (3rd place).
Good luck and happy purrrrs,