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Travelling With Your Cat

Read this article, submitted by a cat lover, on Travelling With Your Cat:

Taking your pet with you if you are going on holiday or moving abroad for a while can be a stressful time because there are a lot of things that you need to do. Getting them organised is a lot more complicated than most think. This is especially the case if you are moving to another country. Also, one thing to remember is that sometimes you may not be able to get the food and tastes that you are used to in your native country. This may mean that your pet is now subject to a change of diet and this may cause them to feel uncomfortable and displaced.

Thus, after you have sorted out your move it is important to consider what type of food you are going to give them. One of the best places to ensure that your cat has the same quality of food that they are used to is to go onto the Internet. You find that a lot of companies are willing to ship worldwide and to most regions. This means that if you move to a new area and the local pet store does not supply your brand then you can still give your cat what he/she is used to.

Travelling with your cat - IAMS cat foodHowever, if you are looking to change your pet’s diet then here are some popular brands that can be found online that will give your cat the nutrition it needs.

Firstly, there is cat food by iams; they provide a variety of cat foods and are most popular for their dry range. You will also find that they use whole grain wheat in their products so it is high in fibre and good for you cat’s bowels.

is another high standard natural cat food that has a range that is suited for animals of different ages. It is very easy to use and it comes in a range of flavours that cats seem to enjoy.

The difference here is that the pouches are mostly wet and contain a variety of meats and fishes.

Travelling with your cat - Royal Canin cat foodIf you need to give your pet certain nutrients because they either have a long fur coat or are suffering from a deficiency of some sort, then cat food by Royal Canin is going to be the answer. They have one of the widest ranges of specialist foods available and they will make your pet feel at home wherever you travel to.


All of the above foods can be bought online so it is easy for you to find. They are also cheaper than in retail stores so you can make a good saving and also feed your cat the nutrients it craves.

Cat Proofing Your Home

Here’s an article on cat proofing your home by a cat lover guest writer:

Cat-Proofing Your Home - how to deal with cat odoursThere is an old stereotype which is that every cat owner’s house is smelly and dirty and of course, like all stereotypes, it is not always the case. It is true that some people are less hygienic than others and some do not know how to care for their feline friends as well as they should, but it does not mean that they cannot learn to do so properly.

I own three cats and one of the worst things is finding the right cat food to suit all three of them, as two suffer from dietary intolerances and the other has feline urinary tract disease, and finding one that doesn’t stink out the whole house at the same time was too much to ask. I have two different cat foods but all three of them have been fed on Royal Canin Sensitivity in the past. Many cats suffer from allergies, which can lead to diarrhoea and great discomfort for your pet, as well as cause for people to consider the stereotype if you have a litter tray in use!

The embarrassing stereotype also stretches to those who have misbehaving cats. My cats unfortunately love to scratch the sofas, ignoring their designated scratching posts as if to spite me. Feliway helped me solve this problem. The dispenser is odourless and a non-sedative which helps feline stress and allows them to feel safe and secure in their own environment. As I have three male cats, it also helped immensely with their territorial spraying and fighting which was getting worse by the day – a month or so after I introduced Billy to the other two.

Finally, there is nothing worse than going to a cat owner’s house with the worry of picking up worms if you know that the owner rarely worms their pets. Drontal for cats is always stocked in my cupboard and I administer one dosage to each cat every three months. It is easy to use and saves any worry for visitors and myself. So long stereotype!

What To Feed your Bengal Kittens?

What Food Makes Bengal Cats Happiest?

Beautiful Bengal Cat Photo

Beautiful Bengal Cat Photo

As you may be aware, most cats today come from wild background and wild cat heritage.
 In those days, the bengal cat ran wild, ate no tinned sardines, no pelet cat food and had no preservatives in its food.

The Bengal Cats were sporty, hunting smaller creatures to eat them, wild and happy!

Todays domesticated cat, (and especially the bengal cats) still have it in their blood to hunt and love raw foods.
Bengal cats, although domesticated are still wild in their hearts!
As much as it may disgust their owners, bengal cats just love eating that raw chicken or fish and tearing the skin and meat off it’s bones.

So to make your bengal cat happy, give him/her some Continue reading

Should Bengal Cats Go Outside?

Is it Safe to let Your Bengal Cat Go Out?

Bengal Cat Photo

Bengal Cat Photo


Some people might ask themselves, should they let their bengal cats or bengal kittens go outside?
If you live in the middle of a busy city in a big condo building, then it is not necessarily recommended to let your cat out.

Your bengal cat might get lost or cat-snatched!

However, all cats LOVE the outdoor world and can get very moody just being inside all the time!

So what to do?
There are several options:
1. Keep your bengal cat indoors and get him many toys to play with to keep him happy and excersized
2. Take your bengal cat out in a Continue reading

Ragdoll Cat Breed Information – Before you Adopt a Ragdoll Cat

All About Ragdoll Cats

Beautiful Ragdoll Cat

Beautiful Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is a semi-longhaired cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat.
Ragdoll cats are large and have a soft and silky fur coat.
They were developed by American breeder Ann Baker, and are best known for their docile and placid temperament and affectionate nature.

Why are they called Ragdolls?
The first ragdoll cats were named so after they would go limp whenever lifted up.

Ragdoll Cats Temperament and Characteristics

The Ragdoll Cat is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds with a sturdy body, large frame and proportionate legs.
A fully-grown female Continue reading

Adventures Maine Coon Cat Gets Stuck in Fridge for 6 hours!

Frozen Chicken, Frozen Fish, … Frozen Kitty? What Next?

Kitty in Fridge

Kitty in Fridge

When I was a junior in college, I adopted a cat from the ASPCA, and named him Moe. Little did I know at the time, he was a Maine Coone, and would turn out to be a huge, furry, wild one at that. Moe loved to get himself into all kinds of trouble. One morning, my mother even awoke to Moe swinging by his front paws from the chandelier, and, to this day, I’ve yet to hear the end of it.

More than anything else, Moe wanted to hang out in the refrigerator—I imagine all that fur made him hot—and it was all I could do keep him out of it.
Every time I opened the door, he’d sprint from the other end of the room to get a peek and a paw inside. One night, just before bed, I opened the fridge to get a bottle of water, and, unbeknown to me, as I turned my back, Moe jumped in.

At some point each night, Moe would snuggle onto the foot of my bed and snooze the rest of the night away with me, but when I woke up and couldn’t find him, the search was on.

Finally, I thought to open the fridge, and there was Moe, perched comfortably on the bottom shelf—six hours later.
Funny enough, he barely nudged when I opened the door, but instead stepped out, stretched and went about his business. Either way, I was beside myself. I had locked my cat in the fridge—what else was there to say? All I could do was thank my lucky stars he survived.

Brynn Manino

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Hairless Cat Breeds – Cat Breeds that don’t shed hairs

Sick and Tired of Cat Hair Landing on Your Cushions & Tables?

Hairless Cat Breed Sphynx Cat

Hairless Cat Breed Sphynx Cat

Cat Hairs here! Cat hairs there! Cat hairs EVERYWHERE!!!

Some cat breed shed and some cats don’t. The ones that shed hairs, can be quite agravating to some people as their hairs go everywhere. Also, some people are allergic to cat hair and therefore can’t have a cat in the house even if its their favorite creature!

Other people, just can’t stand the constant work of cleaning up the cat hairs from tables, couches, cushions, pillowcases, beds, floor mats, counter tops, radios, TVs, computers ( TVs, computers and radios attract a LOT of cat hairs to them because they are electronic!) and so much more….

So what to do if you are allergic to cat hairs, don’t like cat hairs and don’t want to clean up after cat hairs?
The answer is this: Either suffer it or get a hairless cat breed.

Hairless Cat Breeds are breed that don’t shed!

Oh wonderful! Where can we find such a cat?
Well, there are a few different types of hairless cat breeds such as Sphynx, Peterbold cat, Bambino Cats, Kohana cats (an extremely rare Hawaiian hairless cat breed).

Hairless Sphynx catAlthough the hairless cat breeds are so convenient to have as you don’t have to clean up after them, shampoo their furr, brush it and there is also no danger of them getting ticks on them or fleas as you can see if they have them; there are also some other points that need to be considered before getting a hairless cat.

  • Hairless cat breeds don’t have the fur to protect them from the cold, from the sun, the snow, from getting cut up if they go through bushes or from any enemy animal biting them.
  • Hairless cats can easilier get cut and gashed since they have no fur to protect their skin.
  • Hairless cat breeds will get terribly burned if you don’t watch out! So make sure to keep them out of the sun almost all day long and don’t let them outside if you can help it!

Some tips when caring for a hairless cat:

  1. Keep your cat indoors at all sunny times except in the evenings, or cloudy days when no sun shines.
  2. If you do want to let your hair less cat outside, then make sure to cream her up nicely against the sun with suncream, like you would do for a baby.
  3. Make sure your cat is safe and doesn’t get hurt!
  4. Get your cat a warm heated cat bed for the cold days so she won’t freeze.
  5. Keep your hairless cat breed busy with lots of things to do, play with and climb on so she won’t get bored and want to go outside.

You can adopt a sphinx cat from a breeder in your area or find one in a local shelter.

Read this post on Should city cats be kept indoors or be let outdoors sometimes too?

Hairless Cat Breeds - Cat Breeds that don't shed hairs

You can read more about the Spynx cat over here:

Should City Cats be Kept Indoors or Also be Let Outdoors some Times?

What is Better: Indoor Only Cat or Outdoor Only Cat? Or both?

Tabby Outdoor Ginger climbing trees

Tabby Outdoor Ginger climbing trees

Today’s big question is:  Should one keep a cat inside or also let it outdoors?

To answer this question you first have to ask yourself a few questions.  These are:

  1. Do I live somewhere safe where my cat can run around safely without being startled by a loud noise, chased by a dog or crushed by a car? Does my cat WANT to go out?
  2. Does she love to hunt and climb trees?
  3. Or is she sleeping all day long on the couch?
  4. Is she bored indoors all the time? Did she ever go out before on her own?
  5. Do I have a nice safe garden in which she could play and round around in?
  6. Can I make sure that she won’t run away if I let her out?
  7. Will I be there to make sure she can get indoors again?

If you live in the middle of a city it may be unwise to let your cat run around outside between the many people, the sounds, the cars and the traffic.  A noise might startle her and she might run into the road and get killed. Or perhaps a dog will see her and chase her and maybe bight her. What will happen if she gets lost or runs away scared from the noise and strange smells?
Some people take their cats on walks even if they do live  in a city.

They simply tye  a leash to the cat’s neck and dragg her along behind them.

Unhappy Tabby Cat on Leash

Unhappy Tabby Cat on Leash

However, I do not think that your cat would appreciate it very much if you would walk her people do their dogs.

Here are a few reasons why cats don’t tend to like leashes:

  • They feel caught and trapped by being tied up to you, since if there is any danger such as a passing dog, they won’t be able to jump up a tree to hide, but will have to scramble up you instead (which won’t be very pleasant for you or your cat!).
  • Cat’s HATE things tied around their bodies, or necks. Unless you got your cat used to it from a very young age, most cats will never get used to being walked on a leash
  • CATS ARE NOT DOGS! Cats like to have their own way in life,  and the same goes in walks.
  • Loud noises scare cats and if you live in a loud noisy city, then walking your cat outside in the midst of the honking and beeping might really scare the life and death out of your cat!
  • Cats like to run around outdoors – but not in the streets. They like the parks, the bushes, the trees and the quiet places. If you do not live by a park or do not have a nice bushy garden in your backyard then you should consider other alternatives….
  • Cats love to run, run, run! On a leash however, they cannot run, run, run unless you feel like racing after your cat into all kinds  of nooks and corners, while bumping into any passerbys with your cat racing between their feet!
Cute Fluffy Kitten Playing with a Ball

Cute Fluffy Kitten Playing with a Ball

So what to do if you live in a city apartment and still want your cat to have fun running around and chasing things?

Here are some tips how to keep indoor only cats entertained, happy and sporty!

  1. Make sure that your cat has lots of cat toys to chase around after and gnaw at.
  2. Get your cat a high cat scratching tree, which she can climb up and down and jump from perch to perch.
  3. Tye a string to one of your cat’s favorite mice, treats or toys and pull it across the floor, having your cat chase after it.
  4. If your cat is a lonely cat, you might want to consider adopting another cat as a play mate for yours. Cats often get lonely if you are away a lot so another cat would keep your cat company.
  5. Have your cat run around the apartment after a remote controlled cat mouse toy.
  6. Should City Cats be Kept Indoors or Also be Let Outdoors some Times?

  7. Put a warm, comfy cat bed on the window sill for your cat to be able to see the outside world.
  8. Try taking your cat for walks in a pet cat stroller.

Have a purrrrfect day!


How to Toilet Train your Adult Cat

How to Train your Cat to Use the Toilet?
Learn these simple steps how to train your cat to use the toilet which we humans use with the help of this tutorial cat training video.

Five Tips how to keep your Cat’s Food safe from Your Dog!

Does Your Dog Eat up Poor little Kitty’s Food?

Is your cat meowing miserably because when she finally gets to the food dish it is empty and she’s left  hungry?
Does your dog gobble up both HIS food and your CAT’S food?
Have you tried everything you could think of to stop your dog from eating up your cat’s food and lost?

Are you FED UP???

If so, read these tips on how to prevent your dog from eating up your cat’s food.

How to Keep your Dog out of your Cat’s Food Dish!

  1. Get a square cardboard box from a local supermarket or book shop.
    The size of the cardboard box depends on the size of your cat:
    If your cat is a big maine coon cat for example, then it would be best to get a big sized box in which your cat could comfortably fit.
    However, if you have a small cat, you needn’t get a such a big box.
  2. Place the opening of the box upside down onto the floor where your cat normally eats.
  3. Cut a small flap hole into one of the sides of the box just big enough for your cat to squeeze through. Make sure that there is no chance that your dog could fit even just his head through it.
  4. Place your cat’s food dish inside of the cardboard box.
  5. To make sure that the box won’t tip over or be knocked over by your dog, place some heavy books or stones on top of it.

Stand back and see the affect!

TIP: If this doesn’t work, then try feeding your cat and dog in different rooms with the doors shut between them so that the dog won’t be able to get at your cat’s food dish.

Good Luck!


    Loosing weight tips for fat cats

    Is Your Cat a Fat Cat? Try this…

    Fat cats are common problems these days, since many people can’t take there cat out for walks, especially if you live in a city apartment, it might be very dangerous to let your cat go outside.

    She might be run over, eaten by a dog, bitten, frightened and so much more!

    Another problem that might cause your cat to be fat, is like with humans, the problem of ‘over eating’.
    If you are not at home to check how much your cat is eating, she or he could quickly develop fat rolls and jiggling fats from eating too much.

    Cats generally don’t know when to stop eating and will eat a lot if not supervised.

    too muchh food momy!!

    too muchh food momy!!

    Here are Five Tips to Prevent Your Cat from eating too much:

    1. Never overfill your cat’s food dish. You can always top it up later.
    2. Don’t give your cat any greesy foods that YOU eat.
    3. Don’t let your cat deside how much she is going to eat. YOU deside it!
    4. Get your cat a automatic cat food feeder if you have to leave her alone at home.
      (it will help you and your cat very much, since it will prohibit your cat from eating too much!)
    5. Give your cat fresh meats and raw eat to eat. It is healthy and natural and won’t make your cat as fat as other foods may!

    How much you feed your cat and what you feed it, are one of the leading things that make cats fat.
    But not only that!

    Cats need to excersize themselves, just like you and i need to do. They however, can’t go to a gym or sports classes.

    Their sports classes and gym, has to be at home.

    Hey, i feel a little bit too fat...

    Hey, can i have som more popcorn pleez?

    Most house cat aren’t motivated to do any excersize, to run around in circles after their tales, or jump on your tables.
    They’d much rather sit and get fat.

    That is why YOU have to help your cat stay thin and entertain her with fun toys and games!

    The more your cat will run after a mouse or string, the faster it will burn away its fat and get thin again.

    Five best games and toys for cats:

    1. A Cat Mouse (kitty loves to play with mice and bite them, rub against them and chuck them across the floor and run around after it)
    2. Feather on a string (looks like a bird and makes cat jump around after it)
    3. Electric cat toy mouse (runs around and makes kitty chase after it)
    4. Laser pointer cat toy (cat doesn’t know where the light comes from and runs crazily after it. Getting rid of another fat roll!)
    5. Undercover Cat mouse toy (mouse runs around and around under a cover and cats go crazy)

    You can find all these cat mouse toys and many more over here.

    Hope your cat gets thin soon and make sure to take a look at those cat toys for your cat!

    PS: If you want to treat your cat to something really special now and again, check out our homemade cat food recipes, i’m sure your cat will love them! :-)

    Should Cats Get Christmas Gifts too?

    Did Santa Bring Something for Kitty too?

    I'm waiting,...for my present!!

    I'm waiting momy...for my present!!

    “While all of us humans are getting fancy gifts, parcels and boxes, kitty feels totally left out on the side.

    Hasn’t she been good? Doesn’t she also deserve a Christmas present from Santa? All the colors and things excite kitty and yet no one pays her any attention. She crawls under the christmas tree and paws at a red crystal ball hanging from the tree. It looks so pretty! Suddenly, a human voice shouts at her to “Get out of there! You’re ruining the Christmas tree!!”
    Frightened kitty crawls out again and sits on the side again.

    She watches as everyone starts to unpack the Christmas presents, tearing their raping off and laughing and smiling as they do so. Kitty sighs and lies down on the floor.

    I wantz also a gift from zanta!

    I wantz also a gift from santa!

    Why nothing for her? Just as she is about to go to sleep, a parcel is placed down infront of her nose.

    Kitty opens up her eyes again and looks interestedly at it.

    She stretches, yawns and then gets up.

    She sniffs at it the box and tries to bites at the thing.

    Kitty pulls at a string that is hanging down from it and heyho! the box opens up!
    Kitty opens wide eyes at what things she sees inside of it!!

    What wonderful treats are lying there, what toys, what cuddly beds!
    Happyness fills kitty and she jumps forwards onto the mice and snaps up the treats! Santa DID remember her after all! A few minutes later, mice are flying around the christmas tree, people are smiling and holding up what they got with a pleased grin, and in behind all, on a cozy soft bed, with mice lying all around her and cat treats in her belly, lies the happiest little cat in the world, smiling from ear to ear!”

    That was a nice little story wasn’t it? But what about making it into reality this christmas, for YOUR cat? Imagine how she will happy and purr when you give her all those lovely cat toys and cat treats for christmas!

    We always get our cats christmas gifts from this cat shop.

    It’s my favorite, because all of the treats, foods, toys and beds are made from enviromently friendly materials and are natural, tasty and healthy!

    And if you don’t know what to give her, then take a look at our [Christmas Cat Gifts suggestions.->Christmas-Cat-Gifts-Ideas]

    Merry Christmas!


    How to do a Physical Home Examination on your Cat

    How To Accomplish a Physical Home Examination for Your Cat?

    This is a really great cat video made by a proffesional veterinaran on how to do a home examination on your cat, to make sure everything is really okay with her/him.

    It’s instructional and really good!

    Watch it here:

    Cudos to Dr. Becker for this great video!

    Watch all the seres of how to do a home examination on your cat over here.

    Have a  great day!

    10 Tips to Make your Cat the Best Birthday Ever!

    What Can I Do for My Cats Birthday?

    How to celebrate your cats’ brithday!
    A cats’ birthday is always a special thing, a new birth to this planet.
    A good beginning.
    And a cause of joy. (For you and for your cat.)
    So make your cat a Very HAPPY Birthday this Year!
    Here are a few tips on how to make your cat a happy birthday party! Continue reading

    Pet Hair Donations! Please Help The Planet!

    Please Collect Your Dogs & Cats Hair When Cutting it!

    Hi Cat Lovers,

    Today i found out something really nice. It’s how you can help save the enviorment by donating your dog’s or cat’s cut hair!

    Now listen.

    Last year over 2,600 oil spills occurred in the world. Phil McCrory, a hair stylist form Alabahma, first discovered how hair can help agains oil spills.

    He was watching CNN coverage on the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.
    Phil noticed the fur on the Alaskan otters completely soaked with oil.

    He began testing how much oil he could collect with the hair clipping from his salon.
    Phil then invented the hairmat which has other uses as well.

    Hair also provides a slow protein release which is excellent for Continue reading