What To Feed your Bengal Kittens?

What Food Makes Bengal Cats Happiest?

Beautiful Bengal Cat Photo

Beautiful Bengal Cat Photo

As you may be aware, most cats today come from wild background and wild cat heritage.
 In those days, the bengal cat ran wild, ate no tinned sardines, no pelet cat food and had no preservatives in its food.

The Bengal Cats were sporty, hunting smaller creatures to eat them, wild and happy!

Todays domesticated cat, (and especially the bengal cats) still have it in their blood to hunt and love raw foods.
Bengal cats, although domesticated are still wild in their hearts!
As much as it may disgust their owners, bengal cats just love eating that raw chicken or fish and tearing the skin and meat off it’s bones.

So to make your bengal cat happy, give him/her some raw meats or poultry to eat!

What’s a good diet for my bengal cat?

Some people swear by dry cat food and some by raw food.
A neighbor of mine once had a cat that lived solely on dry pellet cat food for over 16 years and was still healthy!
It is best to have a mixed diet for your bengal cat.
Breakfast perhaps should be dry pellet food, lunch a tin of something nice and dinner can be something nice and juicy! Like a raw bit of that chicken you’re going to cook up!

Raw chicken is healthier and also tastier (for the cats at least) than cooked chicken.
Cooked chicken may have spices or herbs that would upset the bengals stumoch, so safest to stick to raw.

Your bengal cat is like your baby so why not share some of your food with him/her?

If you really want to spoil your darling than buy your bengal kitten some fresh fish, shrimps, sardines, chicken, turkey, beaf or something else.

What does your bengal cat like to eat best? Share with us by commenting below!


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    That “Beautiful Bengal Cat” in the photo you posted is actually my cats father haha. That Bengal cat is HUGE and is absolutely magnificent in person. :-)


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