Hairless Cat Breeds – Cat Breeds that don’t shed hairs

Sick and Tired of Cat Hair Landing on Your Cushions & Tables?

Hairless Cat Breed Sphynx Cat
Hairless Cat Breed Sphynx Cat

Cat Hairs here! Cat hairs there! Cat hairs EVERYWHERE!!!

Some cat breed shed and some cats don’t. The ones that shed hairs, can be quite agravating to some people as their hairs go everywhere. Also, some people are allergic to cat hair and therefore can’t have a cat in the house even if its their favorite creature!

Other people, just can’t stand the constant work of cleaning up the cat hairs from tables, couches, cushions, pillowcases, beds, floor mats, counter tops, radios, TVs, computers ( TVs, computers and radios attract a LOT of cat hairs to them because they are electronic!) and so much more….

So what to do if you are allergic to cat hairs, don’t like cat hairs and don’t want to clean up after cat hairs?
The answer is this: Either suffer it or get a hairless cat breed.

Hairless Cat Breeds are breed that don’t shed!

Oh wonderful! Where can we find such a cat?
Well, there are a few different types of hairless cat breeds such as Sphynx, Peterbold cat, Bambino Cats, Kohana cats (an extremely rare Hawaiian hairless cat breed).

Hairless Sphynx catAlthough the hairless cat breeds are so convenient to have as you don’t have to clean up after them, shampoo their furr, brush it and there is also no danger of them getting ticks on them or fleas as you can see if they have them; there are also some other points that need to be considered before getting a hairless cat.

  • Hairless cat breeds don’t have the fur to protect them from the cold, from the sun, the snow, from getting cut up if they go through bushes or from any enemy animal biting them.
  • Hairless cats can easilier get cut and gashed since they have no fur to protect their skin.
  • Hairless cat breeds will get terribly burned if you don’t watch out! So make sure to keep them out of the sun almost all day long and don’t let them outside if you can help it!

Some tips when caring for a hairless cat:

  1. Keep your cat indoors at all sunny times except in the evenings, or cloudy days when no sun shines.
  2. If you do want to let your hair less cat outside, then make sure to cream her up nicely against the sun with suncream, like you would do for a baby.
  3. Make sure your cat is safe and doesn’t get hurt!
  4. Get your cat a warm heated cat bed for the cold days so she won’t freeze.
  5. Keep your hairless cat breed busy with lots of things to do, play with and climb on so she won’t get bored and want to go outside.

You can adopt a sphinx cat from a breeder in your area or find one in a local shelter.

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You can read more about the Spynx cat over here:

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