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Is Milk Good for Cats and Kittens to drink?

Is it True that Cats Love Milk? Is Milk Healthy for Cats?

Cats Love Milk?

Do Cats Love Milk?

Is milk good and healthy for cats and kittens? Don’t Cats Love milk?
Some cats do, but listen.

In this post I will in detail explain to you why cow milk is NOT GOOD for most cats.

So pay attention…

In old movies, a woman always gives a cat some milk to drink on a little plate. The cat or kitten for that matter, laps it up and looks all thankful and happy after woulds.

However, what the movie does NOT show, what side effects the poor little cat or kitten has.

When kittens are small, they naturally drink their mothers cat milk, as all other nursing baby animals also do.
However, once they grow up, the kittens don’t need to Continue reading

Is It OK to Use DEET for Cats Flea Treatment?

What Damage Can Deet (diethyltoluamide) Cause?

DEET Can Cause Sevear Damages to Your Brain!

When we need to fight flea and tick infestations of home or fleas and ticks on cats or on other pets, we often only think to get rid of the pests and seldom go reading the ingredients of the flea treatment we plan on buying.

Killing fleas is not the only problem our dear pets may suffer from.

Mosquito Biting? Get Deet-Free Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito Biting? Get Deet-Free Mosquito Repellent

With the hot summer season many more pesky bugs and insects abound, most common one is the dreaded Continue reading

Natural Flea Control for Kittens and Puppies?

Why Natural Flea Control for Kittens and Puppies?

Some people might wonder “why buy natural flea control for kittens or puppies?”

The reason is simple: Just alike humans, the little kittens and puppies are very sensitive in their first weeks on this planet, and can easily get poisoned by strong flea control, overdosed by commercial flea control and even die.
There for, there are other softer options to get rid of fleas and ticks on little kittens and puppies, that are proven to be safe for kittens and puppies. Some of the natural flea and tick control for kittens and puppies are also safe for humans to use. This means, that this natural flea control is not only appliable to kittens or puppies but also for humans.

Is Deet Dangerous for My Puppie or Kitten?

The answer to this question is deffinately “YES.”

Deet is not only dangerous but highly dangerous for animals, escpecially small ones such as kittens and puppies.

For If deet can harm humans and cause us brain damage than won’t deet harm a little jung kitten or puppy ; that’s so much smaller than us?

[Read here What sevear Damages DEET can caus humans->What damage can DEET caus humans?]…. What you never knew!

Synthetic pesticides (chemicals in the repellents) can harm you and your pets very much!

Although Synthetic pesticides (chemicals in most repellents) may do the job of repelling insects from you or your pet these can be poisonous to pets and the children who play with them (as it comes off when touching them).

The chemicals can be absorbed into the pet’s (or child’s) skin, and in turn, into the bloodstream. The most commonly used synthetic flea killers can cause convulsions and respiratory problems, brain damage in humans, (so imagine how strong it is for your poor little kitten or doggy). Long-term treatment can even result in kidney failure in your pets. These are serious matter  which will also cost extremely much money in medications after woulds to cure.

All this can be avoided by using natural flea remedies and natural flea treatments for kittens, cats, dogs, puppies and even humans!

Here are some good natural flea remedies for puppies and a natural flea remedy for kittens too.