Should Cats Get Christmas Gifts too?

Did Santa Bring Something for Kitty too?

I'm waiting,...for my present!!

I'm waiting momy...for my present!!

“While all of us humans are getting fancy gifts, parcels and boxes, kitty feels totally left out on the side.

Hasn’t she been good? Doesn’t she also deserve a Christmas present from Santa? All the colors and things excite kitty and yet no one pays her any attention. She crawls under the christmas tree and paws at a red crystal ball hanging from the tree. It looks so pretty! Suddenly, a human voice shouts at her to “Get out of there! You’re ruining the Christmas tree!!”
Frightened kitty crawls out again and sits on the side again.

She watches as everyone starts to unpack the Christmas presents, tearing their raping off and laughing and smiling as they do so. Kitty sighs and lies down on the floor.

I wantz also a gift from zanta!

I wantz also a gift from santa!

Why nothing for her? Just as she is about to go to sleep, a parcel is placed down infront of her nose.

Kitty opens up her eyes again and looks interestedly at it.

She stretches, yawns and then gets up.

She sniffs at it the box and tries to bites at the thing.

Kitty pulls at a string that is hanging down from it and heyho! the box opens up!
Kitty opens wide eyes at what things she sees inside of it!!

What wonderful treats are lying there, what toys, what cuddly beds!
Happyness fills kitty and she jumps forwards onto the mice and snaps up the treats! Santa DID remember her after all! A few minutes later, mice are flying around the christmas tree, people are smiling and holding up what they got with a pleased grin, and in behind all, on a cozy soft bed, with mice lying all around her and cat treats in her belly, lies the happiest little cat in the world, smiling from ear to ear!”

That was a nice little story wasn’t it? But what about making it into reality this christmas, for YOUR cat? Imagine how she will happy and purr when you give her all those lovely cat toys and cat treats for christmas!

We always get our cats christmas gifts from this cat shop.

It’s my favorite, because all of the treats, foods, toys and beds are made from enviromently friendly materials and are natural, tasty and healthy!

And if you don’t know what to give her, then take a look at our [Christmas Cat Gifts suggestions.->Christmas-Cat-Gifts-Ideas]

Merry Christmas!


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