10 Tips to Make your Cat the Best Birthday Ever!

What Can I Do for My Cats Birthday?

How to celebrate your cats’ brithday!
A cats’ birthday is always a special thing, a new birth to this planet.
A good beginning.
And a cause of joy. (For you and for your cat.)
So make your cat a Very HAPPY Birthday this Year!
Here are a few tips on how to make your cat a happy birthday party!

10 Tips to Make sure your Cat has a very Happy Birthday!

  1. Bake your cat[ a homemade cat brithday cake->how-to-bake-your-cat-a-homemade-cat-birthday-cake-food].
  2. Make your cat some[ homemade cat birthday toys->homemade cat toys] and gifts.
  3. Show your cat how much you love it, by getting it some new exciting cat toys.
  4. Get your cat a pretty little braclet or some cat jewlery. (doesn’t always have to expensive, can also be some pretty little perls, that don’t cost too much at all!)
  5. Give your cat some of it’s favorite cat treats.
    Or buy some special cat treats to celebrate!
  6. Make some [homemade cat treats->] for your cat.
  7. Try to stay at home that day and not to go to work, if you can.
  8. Cuddle your cat alot.
  9. Sing a happy birthday  song to your cat.
  10. Play with your cats new/old toys and make it happy!


If you are unaware of what date your cat was born, then a coming-to-your-house party is also a Good Chance to show your affection to your cat.

In the case, that you can’t even remember what date your cat came to you, then simply single out one day to make a birthday party for your cat, as a memory of your cat coming to live with you!

I wish your cat a VERY HAPPY CAT BIRTHDAY!!!

All the best wishes,


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