Loosing weight tips for fat cats

Is Your Cat a Fat Cat? Try this…

Fat cats are common problems these days, since many people can’t take there cat out for walks, especially if you live in a city apartment, it might be very dangerous to let your cat go outside.

She might be run over, eaten by a dog, bitten, frightened and so much more!

Another problem that might cause your cat to be fat, is like with humans, the problem of ‘over eating’.
If you are not at home to check how much your cat is eating, she or he could quickly develop fat rolls and jiggling fats from eating too much.

Cats generally don’t know when to stop eating and will eat a lot if not supervised.

too muchh food momy!!
too muchh food momy!!

Here are Five Tips to Prevent Your Cat from eating too much:

  1. Never overfill your cat’s food dish. You can always top it up later.
  2. Don’t give your cat any greesy foods that YOU eat.
  3. Don’t let your cat deside how much she is going to eat. YOU deside it!
  4. Get your cat a automatic cat food feeder if you have to leave her alone at home.
    (it will help you and your cat very much, since it will prohibit your cat from eating too much!)
  5. Give your cat fresh meats and raw eat to eat. It is healthy and natural and won’t make your cat as fat as other foods may!

How much you feed your cat and what you feed it, are one of the leading things that make cats fat.
But not only that!

Cats need to excersize themselves, just like you and i need to do. They however, can’t go to a gym or sports classes.

Their sports classes and gym, has to be at home.

Hey, i feel a little bit too fat...
Hey, can i have som more popcorn pleez?

Most house cat aren’t motivated to do any excersize, to run around in circles after their tales, or jump on your tables.
They’d much rather sit and get fat.

That is why YOU have to help your cat stay thin and entertain her with fun toys and games!

The more your cat will run after a mouse or string, the faster it will burn away its fat and get thin again.

Five best games and toys for cats:

  1. A Cat Mouse (kitty loves to play with mice and bite them, rub against them and chuck them across the floor and run around after it)
  2. Feather on a string (looks like a bird and makes cat jump around after it)
  3. Electric cat toy mouse (runs around and makes kitty chase after it)
  4. Laser pointer cat toy (cat doesn’t know where the light comes from and runs crazily after it. Getting rid of another fat roll!)
  5. Undercover Cat mouse toy (mouse runs around and around under a cover and cats go crazy)

You can find all these cat mouse toys and many more over here.

Hope your cat gets thin soon and make sure to take a look at those cat toys for your cat!

PS: If you want to treat your cat to something really special now and again, check out our homemade cat food recipes, i’m sure your cat will love them! :-)