What is the best cat litter for multiple cats?

What is the best cat litter for multiple cats?
swordarkeereon asked:

I was using Tidy Cat multiple cats, but I noticed the last batch I bought (I go through about 80 pounds of litter a month) – they changed the formula. It’s more course and doesn’t control odor as well. Now (since the litter changed), one of my four cats is peeing outside the litter box. Any suggestions for a finer clumping litter that controls odor better?

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10 thoughts on “What is the best cat litter for multiple cats?

  1. GraceandMickey A

    Front Line Tick

    Fresh Step scoopable without a doubt! I’ve tried them all and that’s the only brand that controls the odor the best. It costs more than the others but it’s worth it when you have multiple cats.

  2. RoPo

    Keyboard Cat

    Pet Science works amazingly. I have 13 cats in my household.. All indoor cats. It is very very low dust, great odor control and not overly expensive. I can only get it at a specialisty pet store and not at walmart or places like that.

  3. bratty1

    train Cat to use Toilet

    I have started using the Pine Flushable kind about 5 weeks ago. It is so nice not having a garbage can full of smelly clumps!! Just scoop a few times a day and flush away and it’s gone!! Controls the smell pretty good also!!

  4. tigglys

    Frontline Pets

    I use the stuff from Costco. We have 3 cats, 2 pans and clean them 2x a week. They seem okay with this.

    I didn’t like the pine stuff – the cats started thinking that anything wood was okay to pee on – not good cuz we had hardwood floors.

  5. P*Kitty

    Cat Clicker Training

    i dont use the clumping i use the walmart brand of special kitty for multiple cats in the yellow bag $2.92 for 25lbs…i use 100lbs a month (4-25lb bags) one a week for my cats because i change my litter every day

  6. phoebhart

    Flea & Tick

    I have two cats and I have tried several different brands and types of cat litter. Fresh Step Clumping litter was great except that I got worried about the clay getting stuck between the younger cat’s toes. Now I discovered an all -natural clumping litter that really really controls odors. Its called “P-Pod” and its made from plant fibers – all natural. I remove solid wastes from the litter box almost immediately as a matter of habit no matter what brand litter I use. I find that if you allow cat poo to sit in the litter for too long, it stinks up the room AND the litter eventually.
    But P-Pod controls the odor really well even is poo has been left there for some hours. Unlike the regular clumping litter, P-Pod is flushable, so very convenient too.


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