When cats do not get along with another inside cat, and they are threaten, they pee on my bed. What meds work?


What to do when I have a few cats (a multiple cat household) and one cat  is scared of another and then pees on my bed?
Both cats are healthy, no problems. Litter boxes, (3) are kept clean, and are in private places. This only happens when the inside/outside cat is inside . She is very dominate and bossy. Should I medicate the bossy cat or the scared cat?

MamaMia Says:
We don’t recommend medicating cats as a solution. Drugs should only

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This Week’s Best Kitten Training Video

This Week’s Best Video How to Train your Cat is…

How to train your New Kitten to play gently (Video with Dr. Miller)

Kitten Training is a very important thing, to train your kitten to play gently, not to scratch you and to avoid biting you while playing too.

Therefore, I thought that you guys and girls might enjoy this Week’s Best Cat Training Video.

The only thing I don’t agree to in this video is that to train a kitten or cat, one should not just say

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Why are cats smarter than dogs when it comes to using a kitty litter?

mayerj72 asked:

I’ve had a cat in the past and it was the easiest thing ever to train it how to use a kitty litter. now that I have a dog it’s the hardest thing ever to teach him not to use the house as a toilet. I know that some learn faster than others, but my question is, why do dogs have such a hard time with that and cats don’t? It already seems to be preinstalled in cats.

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How do you keep cats from climbing up the Christmas Tree?

cinnaen skye asked:

I have three cats and in the past (3 different cats) I used lemon, orange and lime rinds to repell the cats from climbing up the tree. However, those cats actually ATE the rinds. Should I try this method again OR does anyone know what to do now?

I will keep the ornaments to a minimum on the tree and very few on the bottom. Before the tree is set up next month, I need an idea.


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