Why are cats smarter than dogs when it comes to using a kitty litter?

mayerj72 asked:

I’ve had a cat in the past and it was the easiest thing ever to train it how to use a kitty litter. now that I have a dog it’s the hardest thing ever to teach him not to use the house as a toilet. I know that some learn faster than others, but my question is, why do dogs have such a hard time with that and cats don’t? It already seems to be preinstalled in cats.

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5 thoughts on “Why are cats smarter than dogs when it comes to using a kitty litter?

  1. fusspuff80

    Angry Cat

    Because the Cats mum teaches them when they are little. It’s also in their instincts. It probably has something to do with hiding their position when they were wild. Now that I’ve said that do Lions and Tigers hide their waste. I’m sure leopards do they always hid their food. I’ve never had a kitten that didn’t know how to use a litter tray.

    Where as a dog just shits where ever.

  2. Caninelegion

    Bengal Kittens

    Because dogs prefer doggy litter :). Actually, I’ve never had any problems litter training a dog but have had problems with cats going on the bed. I suspect it has more to do with the techniques and the individual dog/cat then the species difference.


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