Tired Of Litter Box Odor? Cat Furniture Might Be The Solution!

Lucky Cat Furniture asked:

Does the thought of a litter box make you cringe? Most people have the same sentiment towards litterboxes, as their reputation is a stinky and dirty one! Why not consider buying cat furniture to hide the kitty box?

A simple and effective approach to hiding litter box odor is to invest in a kitty condo/house. At the lowest level is a box with a slide out door to put your litter tray in. There is a small hole in the side for your cat to gain entry. The next level is a feeding area where you can keep your cat’s food elevated away from dogs or children. There is a play center in the middle and two sleeping platforms at the top. Also, there are multiple scratching posts in the formation. This is a great way to offer your cat everything he needs and help eliminate some of those cat box odors.

Another option to make your litter tray less unsightly is a product known as a bookcase climber. It is a walnut finished bookcase with cushioned sleeping and play areas for your cats. It also has two enclosed compartments: one for your litter box and one for extra storage. The bookcase climber is an excellent space for your cats. The litter tray smell will decrease, and you have extra storage for your cat’s food and litter mix. A wonderful alternative to this, which doesn’t take up nearly as much space, is a set of pet steps, which are great for both cats and dogs, and are available with built-in compartments.

A litter robot is also an interesting and practical option for solving your cat box problems. It is a spherical, dome-like, self-cleaning litter unit. The entrance is small to give your cat privacy. The litter robot automatically sifts through the litter and stores the waste in a carrier bag that can simply be taken out and thrown away. This unit is extremely efficient at keeping odors from escaping. It’s also intriguing to look at.

Are you starting to like the idea of cat furniture? It is very beneficial to hiding the litter box and its nasty smells. You can find cat litter furniture at many pet stores and online. In addition to cat furniture, those of you who own dogs as well may find the many uses of dog stairs to be beneficial to you and your pet. These can be found online in pre-constructed format or custom-built.

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How to Solve Litterbox Problems in Multi-cat Homes

Keith Londrie wrote:

When we have only one cat and she misses the litterbox, it can be hard to fix. When we have more than one cat in the house, it can be even harder.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help stop litter box problems in a multi-cat home. first of all, act fast. A litter box problem that continues for a long time can become harder and harder to solve. Litter box mistakes can lead to territorial responses, and disturb the routines and hierarchies of your entire household.

Will Muffin still want to take her daily afternoon snooze on the couch if Tiger urinated there? She may find some other area, displacing more and more of your cats, and creating fighting and other dominance displays. If you put off solving the problem, hoping it will go away on its own, you may find it multiplying in your home.

Find the culprit. Before you even try to

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Why are cats smarter than dogs when it comes to using a kitty litter?

mayerj72 asked:

I’ve had a cat in the past and it was the easiest thing ever to train it how to use a kitty litter. now that I have a dog it’s the hardest thing ever to teach him not to use the house as a toilet. I know that some learn faster than others, but my question is, why do dogs have such a hard time with that and cats don’t? It already seems to be preinstalled in cats.

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