When cats do not get along with another inside cat, and they are threaten, they pee on my bed. What meds work?


What to do when I have a few cats (a multiple cat household) and one cat  is scared of another and then pees on my bed?
Both cats are healthy, no problems. Litter boxes, (3) are kept clean, and are in private places. This only happens when the inside/outside cat is inside . She is very dominate and bossy. Should I medicate the bossy cat or the scared cat?

MamaMia Says:
We don’t recommend medicating cats as a solution. Drugs should only ever be used in times of emergency and risk to life of pet cat.
Same goes for humans; Meds (drugs) do not cure the cause only cover up the symptoms of the root cause of the problem. Drug meds cause side effects and unhealthy body.
The only exemption I can think of regarding cats, is administering flea control drops. The cat flea control drops do alas poison the cats blood, but the cat usually copes well with it (although some cats can be sleepy and drowsy after application of flea control was administered- depending on brand, cat size etc).  What other choice is there if we want our cats and our homes and our own bodies free of a flea infestation..? Powders don’t work, sprays get washed away by rain, wet grass or licked off by the cat.
If your cat suffers from a bossy tyrant cat naturally she feels scared and threatened. Cat shows you her fear by doing the unthinkable, unforgivable no-no of peeing on your bed. Whenever a cat pees on your bed you know she’s telling you she’s in trouble.
Is doping her gonna help her?
Is doping the bully cat going to change her habits or the reason she’s being mean to the scared cat?
Cats are like humans and have their characters and reasons. Often they are acting spiteful out of jealousy, insecurity or feeling unloved. Or bored.
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Meanwhile, here’s [a great training book for helping bad cats be good cats-> http://catlovingcare.com/cat-training-101].

2 thoughts on “When cats do not get along with another inside cat, and they are threaten, they pee on my bed. What meds work?”

  1. Cat Urine

    There are no “meds” for this. Check with your vet and make sure there isn’t anything medical going on, like a urinary tract infection. If the cat has an infection, then medications can help.

    If it’s not medical, then I suggest giving both cats and area of their own. Somewhere that is theirs alone and the other cat cannot get to. At my house, there are 4 cats- 2 live upstairs and 2 live downstairs. Seperating out territories may help.

  2. Cat Gifts

    It may be very difficult to get an inside only cat to get along with one who goes out, because every time the cat goes out and comes back in, he comes in smelling like outdoors, and all the animals he has encountered out there. You may have to simply separate them, as the other poster suggested.
    If you want to try a product, I suggest Feliway. It is not a medicine, it is a spray you spray on the area the cats pee on, and it discourages them from peeing there. It is available at any most pet stores, and comes with complete directions for its use.


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