This Week’s Best Kitten Training Video

This Week’s Best Video How to Train your Cat is…

How to train your New Kitten to play gently (Video with Dr. Miller)

Kitten Training is a very important thing, to train your kitten to play gently, not to scratch you and to avoid biting you while playing too.

Therefore, I thought that you guys and girls might enjoy this Week’s Best Cat Training Video.

The only thing I don’t agree to in this video is that to train a kitten or cat, one should not just say “Yickes!” when it bites or scratches, but also say one word that one continiously says when your kitten behaves badly or scratches you.
This one word could be anything like: “BAADDD!” or “NOOO! Bad ….(name of cat)”

When your cat or kitten behaves well then you should say: “GOOOOD Girl/Boy! Good.. (name of cat)” No lonnnnng lectures needed like: “Oh, that’s not nice, you naughty little cat, mommy doesn’t like that! Don’t do that again…”
Cats don’t get it, they can’t speak english as much as you’d want them to…

Other than that, I like the tips on cat and kitten training in this video and I think that you should deffinately see it, so you know what I’m talking about!

I hope you’ll enjoy it too, and please comment below in the comment box on what you think about this kitten training video! thanks.

Please voice your opinion about this weeks best cat training video in the box below!

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