Why does my cat get so jealous of other cats?

Miranda asked:

I have two cats. My girl hates the boy and hisses at him constantly. And she is always fighting with the cat upstairs. I have heard of cats who are friendly and cuddle with each other but I have never had a cat like that. Is my cat just a b*tch? She is very friendly with me.

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When cats do not get along with another inside cat, and they are threaten, they pee on my bed. What meds work?


What to do when I have a few cats (a multiple cat household) and one cat  is scared of another and then pees on my bed?
Both cats are healthy, no problems. Litter boxes, (3) are kept clean, and are in private places. This only happens when the inside/outside cat is inside . She is very dominate and bossy. Should I medicate the bossy cat or the scared cat?

MamaMia Says:
We don’t recommend medicating cats as a solution. Drugs should only

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Learn About Adding A Second Cat To The Mix

Joshua Simms asked:

Not all cats respond to change great at first. Some will adapt right away whereas others require a little bit of time in order to make the change. Adding a new cat to the mix can be a stressful situation for any of your existing cats. You need to realize this in advance and do what you can to make the transition a little easier. Many cat owners find that the easiest way to accomplish this is to put the new cat into their own area for a few days so it can become used to its surrounding without being bombarded by other cats that have sonority in the home.

Make sure you are spending time with both the new cat and your other cats. Make sure that your new cat has access to food, water, and a litter box in the room they are in. After a bit, begin to leave the door open to the room that the new cat is in. Eventually your existing cats are going to become curious and check out the new cat. When this happens make sure that you go in as well to make sure nothing bad happens.

Pay attention to each cat and give them equal amounts of attention, this way neither cat will feel like you are fonder of one over the other which is extremely important. After a while the cats will work out the dynamics of their relationship, just make sure to continue showing an equal amount of affection for each cat.

Scratching up the Furniture!

Anytime that you decide to take a pet into your home you are taking the chance of having them destroy a lot of your belongings, including your furniture. What you need to remember, no matter how hard it might be at the moment, is that cat’s do have a reason for what they do. For many, their cats have a problem with clawing up the furniture and for this reason they have their cat declawed.

This is an option, but might not always be the best one for your cat or for your reasons. You really need to think it through before you have your cat declawed. It is possible to help your cat transfer their urge to claw your furniture into clawing something else such as a scratching post.

It is possible to train your cat to you a scratching post for their stretching and scratching needs. This can be done quite easily by making the scratching post seem enticing. Some people choose to rub scents such as catnip or dressing it up with a toy or two to make it more appealing. You also need to keep in mind that you need to strategically place your cat’s scratching post in an area where they can use it whenever they want to.

One of the keys to getting a scratching post that your cat will like is to make sure it is tall enough and sturdy enough. The great thing is that there are a variety of scratching posts available to fit every cat’s preferences. Also make sure that you discipline your cat whenever you catch them scratching your furniture and praise them when they are using the scratching post, you cat will soon catch on that they will be petted and praised when doing what they are supposed to be doing.

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How do I introduce a new cat into a home that already has two cats?

lalalogic asked:

I have a young cat and I’m moving away. Sadly, my cat can’t come with me and she is going to go live with my mother who already has two older cats, one is very skittish and the other is very bossy. We don’t want anyone running away because they think their territory has been invaded or there’s no place for them. How can I introduce the new cat to the other two without upsetting any of them too much?

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