Why does my cat get so jealous of other cats?

Why does my cat get so jealous of other cats?
Miranda asked:

I have two cats. My girl hates the boy and hisses at him constantly. And she is always fighting with the cat upstairs. I have heard of cats who are friendly and cuddle with each other but I have never had a cat like that. Is my cat just a b*tch? She is very friendly with me.

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6 thoughts on “Why does my cat get so jealous of other cats?

  1. Exoticats4u E

    Kitten Cat

    Shes dominant, in the wild she would be the top cat in the pride. She is asserting her position. Be careful, the other cats could become very scared and start to hide and urinate on themselves. Give her something more productive to do with her time, dont yell at her (this will make it worse, cats think you are cheering them on!). If all else fails use a spray bottle of water to train her to stay away.

  2. Tammy

    PooPoo the Cat

    I have a female cat who is the same way. I have a male cat as well, who is an alpha kitty. So as bitchy as my female cat still is, she now hides ALL the time!! I agree, that she would be better alone!!

  3. Cat Lover

    Fox on Trampoline

    Are they desexed? If not – desex them immediately before she becomes pregnant and your house starts to smell due to the boy spraying.

    if you haven’t had the cats for very long, or have only recently adopted one or the other they could still be settling in and getting used to each other.

    Really though to give an accurate responce, more information would be required

  4. kittens

    Cat Training

    I have had cats all my life.Some cats are just like that i think they just get jealous.My one cat get jealous when my hubby comes by me he comes to and sometimes nips at him.lol

  5. sunshine girl

    Crazy Cat

    she is the alpha

    well unlike dogs and other animals cats are very independent.
    me i have 4 cats and each one has differ moods.
    i do want to ask how long have they been around?
    cats they are very territory too, it does take a long time for them to come in terms and get along depending on the age.
    *also handle this very slowly on moving them together.*
    *its very normal for cats to get jealous of other cats in there territory.
    also she is doing this and showing that behavior cause she claims you, you are her property and this is her territory and she does not want to loose that. you know its the whole animal kingdom thing and its so awesome that household cats, the more dominate ones are the females. but give her time and dont force her but with in time she will accept them .
    again, my cats at first (except for my 2 oldest cause they are mother and daughter) HATED EACH OTHER and man the growling and hissing and so but it did settle down. and they love each other now, but my 2 youngest acts like sisters sometime.
    now in some cases they dont turn all the way around, and yeah they do fight alittle but most likely they will settle down.
    but the one thing to do is to have a safe room for her, then if they have there own blanket or bed, switch it every once in a while between them,,, by this i mean in there own rooms or areas they sleep on a bed or blanket, every once in a while take the blanket that one of the cat slept on and move it to the room that the other cat sleeps on. and do the same to the other. this will get them a little familiar with each other sent. eventally this will help them know eachother and will make it so they can live in peace but DONT RUSH IT! if do it will make it much worse and harder on them to accept…trust me.
    Make it go as smoothe and easy as possible, GIVE TIME and comfort her more cause as a owner of a very spoiled dominate cat, attention to her is a plus.
    here are some sites that help ya introduce a new cat to an old, and has great advice and steps


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