How do I introduce a new cat into a home that already has two cats?

lalalogic asked:

I have a young cat and I’m moving away. Sadly, my cat can’t come with me and she is going to go live with my mother who already has two older cats, one is very skittish and the other is very bossy. We don’t want anyone running away because they think their territory has been invaded or there’s no place for them. How can I introduce the new cat to the other two without upsetting any of them too much?

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Introducing new cats when moving into a new home that neither pet owner has lived in before?

concretebrunette asked:

Okay, I have a cat, and my boyfriend has one. In the future we plan on moving into an apartment together, instead of me moving into his house or him moving into mine. So we have a unique cat situation. We won’t be introducing cats to a house that already has cats. So not only will we have the trauma of a new house, but throw in a new cat as well. Neither of them will have the “home field” advantage. How difficult will this be?

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