Cat Flap to Stop Bullying

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Are you a cat lover? If so how many cats do you have? Is your cat good at home? Well, Of course, it is really very easy answering such questions, when raised by someone or the other. And what would be the answer if the question falls the other way round, such as, is your cat really secure? Does your cat return home safely at nights, without any rashes or bruises that are indeed created by other cats? Are you sure, that your loveable cat alone eats the quality cat food that you have bought to her with at most care and affection?

Most of the cat lovers would be finding it difficult to answer these questions. Indeed these are the daily problems faced by the cat lovers. These questions make the cat lovers feel worried about their dearest pets, creating a mourning atmosphere in their minds.

Sometimes it’s really hard to experience situations when the pet leaves the home and stays lost for two to three days. Is there a remedy for all these hard moments? If at all there is a solution, will it guarantee on the safety and security of the pet? Or are there any permanent solutions for all these problems to come to an end? Will the pet be safe from being bullied by other stray cats? Will the pet be safe in indoor without escaping, if the weather outside is very terrible and violent? The answer for all these questions is so easy, and it is as simple as looking for sweet in a sugar factory. Of course, the answer for this is a big “Yes”.

The antidote for all these physical and environmental threats that are literally experienced by the owner and the pet has now come to light. The product is a nascent technology launched in our markets, which can be readily put to working status. It is what we call as PETPORTE CAT FLAP.

Available from the microchip Petporte catflap is a great remedy for cat lovers and to keep other cats out. It exists to provide advanced animal access systems to make both cats and their owners lives better. This is a Collarless technology, which indeed keeps the pet away from hard and rough collars which leaves a mark on the neck of the pet, Petporte Catflap was invented and patented by one of the Guernsey’s leading vets, David Chamberlain, which is just a series of inventions that will be coming onto the market intended to make your life, and your cat’s life, more enjoyable.

Petporte is the first Catflap in the world to prevent other cats from entering your home and recognizing your cat without the need for cat electronic, magnetic cat collar attachments, heavy collar tags, restrictive collars and infra red. The owner of the pet need not worry because there are no harmful radiations emitted from the device that makes the pet sick and disordered, this product is highly reliable and secure and there is no danger involved in it at all. Pet Porte, indeed will be friendly equipment for the safety of the pet.

The Pet Porte product is not at all complicated, and it’s really very simple and ready for use, most probably the user of this Pet Porte product will not have the need of using a Catalog or working manual, because the whole technology has come to life by the click of two buttons alone, one in red and the other in green. Only the cats which have been previously programmed by the microchip gains access through the highly tensile magic door. In the PetPorte Catflap there are two distinct modes.

The modes of operation that are likely to be used here are the VET MODE and the NIGHT MODE, The vet mode is most commonly used in order to keep the pet indoor due to some specific reasons, And night mode uses a little more advanced technology, in which the magic door gets automated according to the light intensity of the outside atmosphere, thus it remains locked at nights, and of course the pet will always have access through the Catflap when it is outside the house. Thus these multimodal operations make Petporte Catfap unique from all the other Catflaps.

Now, while talking about the initial steps of installation procedures, makes one feel that Petporte Catflap, is designed with at most simplicity and a product that shows a great deal of flexibility.

Programming the Petporte is again a very short and simple process, as there are no complex steps involved, indeed the whole installation is only a single step process. The owner has to just press and hold the green button (beep sound is heard) and then the pet is made to pass through the magic door under the range of the sensor porch (beep sound is heard again).That is all the owner has to do, in order to finish with the programming process, in this same method an average of 32 different cats (approx) can be programmed. There may be a question arising among the users that what actually happens when the pet is made to pass through the Petporte. This is nothing but, when the pet is passed through the Petporte the intelligent sensors present in the body of the Catflap recognizes the existing microchip ID implants, so this method is highly secure and reliable and its clearly evident from this fact that stray cats will never find an entry into the house .

This highly adorable product uses an adapter that is fixed directly to the power supply, rather than using batteries which may die out frequently .The power supply that enters this Catflap is very safe, and its not at all harmful for the pet in any means, here there are no chances of short circuits or earth line problems, even if the pet chews or pounces on the lead insulated cables, as the voltage is very less and it’s only around twelve volts. Thus the information in Petporte’s memory is left as it is even if there happens to be a sudden power failure.

The major characteristics of the magic door that is used in the Petporte is that its highly tensile and strong as it has the capacity to withstand the pouncing/attacks ,even if it is created by the toughest cat around on the streets. As the door is connected to the main line power, the magic door opens/closes at the blink of an eye, i.e. in just few microseconds, so that you’re lovable cat can enjoy its play with the Petporte, even if she/he loves to dash in and out frequently.

The Petporte is friendly device to your pet, and it is designed in such a way that, there will not be any possibilities in which the tail or the paws of the pet getting stuck. Eventually there are no possibilities for other stray cats to enter, thus making your cat feel free and relaxed at all times.

The Petporte Catflap has many salient features which makes it unique and reliable when compared to all the other Catflaps. In fact the other Catflaps such as traditional, magnetic and infrared flaps have their own disadvantages at different situations. Firstly, while discussing about the features of the traditional cat flaps, when used and kept under observation for few days causes many drastic moments. The result is that within one night the owner can see his house ruined i.e. his carpets torn and scrambled, urine all over the wall, the cat food missing from its tray, the pet left with the marks of being bullied-all these are the nonsense created by the non others, but the stray cats. Thus these are the adverse effects caused when traditional type flaps are used.

Secondly, comes the magnetic Catflaps kind of flaps, all the pets which exist with magnetic collars can gain access through the door, this is a major drawback. And the other issue is that, magnetic collars are heavily and tight, that makes the pet feel uncomfortable.

Thirdly comes the infrared Catflaps, these Flaps have sensors both at the transmitting and receiving ends and the door opens only if the sensor in the collar points directly to the sensor on the door. These Infrared Catflaps are expensive too, indeed the amount of complexity involved in these methods are more.

Finally all these demerits or disadvantages experienced when using other Catflaps are in turn changed into an advantage, merit or a positive point when Petporte Microchip Catflap is used.


The Microchip Petporte Catflap was invented with lots of advantages in it like,

? The irritation caused by the collar on a cat can be averted by the use of the cats existing microchip.

? With the help of locking mechanism, stray cat can be kept away from dearest cats.

? To understand a cat need better, this has been purely invented by VET, therefore the cat needs can be catered much efficiently by use of Microchip Petporte Catflap.

? The pains of bringing a cat at nights it’s not an issue of a path, by the use of Microchip Petporte Catflap the light level will be detected automatically and thereby your cats can sub sequentially brought into house at nights.

? With the presence of Microchip Petporte Catflap, you will be able to know, if your cat inside the house or elsewhere, the beeping system of pet Port will intimate you of the presence of cat inside the house.

? The presence of magnetic latch in the Microchip Petporte Catflap, keeps the flap intact when the wind blows thus protecting the cats from getting hurt.

? The simple two button operation mechanism Microchip Petporte Catflap, gives a full control over cats world.

? Microchip Petporte Catflap allows you to program up to 32 cats of your choice and only the cats which are programmed can be under the scrutiny.

? The programmable microchip within Microchip Petporte Catflap prevents the loss of information about cat during a short circuit or power failure.

? All of this comes under low voltage intake with no batteries to replace so your cat can always come back inside.

?This product is cat friendly where the doors are specially designed and makes it virtually impossible for your cat to get its paws stuck in the door.

Hence the Petporte Microchip Catflap is a divine product that has been launched in the markets in order to quench the thirst of worried cat lovers, and this is a great time for those cat lovers to make full use of this great product. The product has satisfied the customers whomsoever using Petporte , thus making the users feel comfortable and relaxed at nights rather than worrying about their pets , since there is a friend there at the door step giving at most security to the loveable pets.

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