How do you get house cats to stop fighting?

nhalleycat asked:

I have a 7 yr. old spaid female cat . About 6 months ago we got a 8 month old nutered male cat. Both cats are in and out side cats. At night they are both in. The male beats up the female all the time. He stauks her out side and jumps on her and hair goes flying. I seperate them in 2 different parts of the house when they are both home. Is there any way I can get the male cat to leave the female alone out side of getting rid of him? I really like him other wise. He is a bully ALL the time with the female. She can not walk, sit or stand with out him jumping on her and scratching and biting her. She runs from him and will not come home if he is waiting for her out side. He keeps her off our property. Any suggestions would be greatly appreacheated. Thanks in advance.
I bring the male in so the female will come home. I am always bringing in a cat in the front door and going to the other door to get the other one. LOL Thanks for all your answeres

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