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Vote for Joey Fritsch - Cover Cat Contest - Beauties in Black and White cat book
Joey and his Super-Model Posings...

Joey was adopted from a rescue group in Austin, MN called Cats Off Broadway.
We knew he was the one for us when he was set on the ground and boldly walked up to a cage of dogs and began giving his sideways big-tail halloween cat stance at them when he was a mere 8 weeks old.

He has been a great source of joy for us – he is affectionate, talks a lot of smack, is always showing us his adorable “supermodel poses” and has quite the independent streak as well!

He started his Facebook page when he was 2 years old and we have had great fun with it and have met so many friends thru him.
He did invent the word “Poonanigans” which is now common vocabulary with the animal crowd on Facebook.
His pink nose melts the heart of many.

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A Touching Story about a Cat Who Loved her Human & Life

This Cat Loved Life & was Happy to her Very Last Day!

This is a touching cat story about ‘sleer’ a cat that loved life and never cried or was sad, no matter what pain she went through. All she did was purr.

It brought tears to my eyes..

Let’s let her mommy Maria tell the story:

“Sleer is the little girl I brought home from the vet’s office. She was supposed to be the companion to my other cat, but was my best girl. She would look at me and purr. She never left my side (even when you wanted her to). She always seemed to need dental care when we saw the vet, bad breath.

At age 11, she had become

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How to Brake Up a Kitten Fight – Cute Cat Video

Here is my daily Cat Video recommendation.

This video is one of the cutest i have seen today! It is about how one kitten brakes up the other kittens fighting, but actually is just cute, cute, cute… and again cute!

Watch it here and tell us what you think after woulds… :-P :-)

Love, and Greetings, CatsCamille

Btw here are some more cute videos for you to see if you like: