A Touching Story about a Cat Who Loved her Human & Life

This Cat Loved Life & was Happy to her Very Last Day!

This is a touching cat story about ‘sleer’ a cat that loved life and never cried or was sad, no matter what pain she went through. All she did was purr.

It brought tears to my eyes..

Let’s let her mommy Maria tell the story:

“Sleer is the little girl I brought home from the vet’s office. She was supposed to be the companion to my other cat, but was my best girl. She would look at me and purr. She never left my side (even when you wanted her to). She always seemed to need dental care when we saw the vet, bad breath.

At age 11, she had become 5 pounds from 11, but the vet was unsure of the issue. We saw a dental specialist who gave her 2 months to live. She had a very rare aggressive form of cancer, in her mouth.

Everyday Sleer still ate and drank her regular food even though I would try to make something easier for her to eat. She met me at the door with the normal purr and followed me to bed at night. I looked at her and knew it was time to make that last trip to the vet. Appointment made, I came home for one last night to be by her side.

When I opened the door she was not there waiting. I ran all over the house looking and found her in the litter pan. One ‘meow’. I picked her up brought her down with me to the living room and spent my Friday night easing her. She still did not want to leave me. I had to tell her I was ok before she let go.

Now I have her ashes at home with me. My girly girl did not cry, moan or whine, she only ever purred. Even the vet was astonished. I will miss her very much…”

Big thanks to Maria for this lovely cat story!
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Thank you for reading this!

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  1. That story made Me cry as it bought back to Me What My Maggeemae went through 3Years ago a skinny cat arrived on my doorstep He was very bedraggled and starving I took pity and fed Him He was still there next day so I adopted Him. I took Him to the Vets and they found out that He was Hyperthyroid hence the skinny so He was put on medication. He was starting to put on weight when the Vet discovered He needed some teeth pulled while under they discovered He had an aggressive form of mouth Cancer this cat was so brave He would come sit at My feet and wait for His medicine and would Purr all day. I made the decision to send him to Heaven one day as He wasn’t Himself down We went to the Vets crying all the way The Vet took Him to put the canulla in and was gone for quite awhile all that time I was thinking he isn’t ready and was about to go and get Him and get the hell out of there when the door opened and the Vet came in and Said He isn’t ready to go. I grabbed Him and bought Him home I took Him in fortnightly for His check and they were amazed He lasted another 2 months with good quality and then the time came for His final trip but He had enough and was ready it was very hard but He was happy to let go this time ( I keep saying He ) none of us checked that area out for awhile and We finally found He was MR Maggeemae I adored that Brave Cat and miss Him every day .


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